Daily Analysis October 22nd

First of all, if you did not already, please watch Friday’s analysis video which examines the weekly trend. Visit the page by clicking here.

It’s an advantage to you to see the market in the light of a longer time frame.

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There are some very interesting things happening today with the Japanese economy. If you have seen the USDJPY you know what I’m talking about. Read Tony’s Fundamental article on the Japanese Economic Pain for more info.

If you are interested in some more good reading, please visit this great article that will help you with your Forex Trading.

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  • Wayne I will do so tomorrow If I see something good so Stay tuned.

  • Thanks Coos

  • wayneL

    Another great analysis, thank you very much Casey. Any possibility about giving some daily trades set up? it would be very helpful for a new trader like me.

  • Koos Kritzinger

    Thanks, great analysis. Helps a lot for perspective Regards Koos

  • Big Apple, Great Question, You are correct in realizing that it has been broken. However there are times that a broken support can be a support again. Especially in this case because recently the price has slowed at this range for both support and resistance levels. It is not a guarantee that this level is going to be supported. It is just something that we will be watching and I think many traders dont realize that those levels can be maintained.

    Thanks for the Question

  • bigapple

    Regarding AUDUSD,
    you did mark a sup bach in june and I just wonder,
    This sup was broken 6 times till today (up and down)
    I not understand how this can be still a valid sup.

  • John,

    Tomorrow i will go into more detail on some of our entries. We use pins, breakouts, trend continuations, and reversals. Thanks for the question.

  • thank you

  • I do monitor Gold so When I see something develop I will post it on the analysis.

  • Thanks so much.

  • Cazzie, Thanks for the compliment, it is much appreciated. We will be having another special in the future and I will try to put out more advance notice. I might be able to pull off something with Elliot Wave if we get enough people that are interested.

    thanks for being a great guest to our site.


  • Cazzie

    Hi Casey and Nathan.
    You’re such nice people.
    Nathan, you did a good job on the “Copy” Webinar. I tried to get in, but by the time my funds transferred, I was too late. maybe next time, right?
    Oh, by the way well done on getting married, you’ll love it..

    Any chance on discussing Elliot Waves with Fib’s

    Be happy

  • Like to take a moment to congratulate Nathan on his wedding hope everything run great on your married life

  • Great Analazys Casey

  • Asghar

    Hi Casey,

    It was great to see that you have given Gold analysis as well. Please do include gold in your analysis list.

    kind regards.


  • Nicole

    You are doing grat job Nathan

  • John

    Hi Casey

    Could you say something more about the entry setups you trade please? Do you only enter on pins for example? Thanks