Daily Analysis October 25th

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With all this good news (including today’s jobless claims and durable goods), why didn’t the Fed boast about the progress yesterday in their FOMC statement? Maybe this positive U.S. news is just a Pre-Presidential Election Blip.

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  • Thank you will.

  • Matt I will take care of Stops for sure. Thanks for asking.

  • Thanks for sharing Greg, I am glad that you getting something out of our trading. I hope that trade works out for you.

  • Yes you have got the concept now.

    Sometimes the daily trend will stay in place for many days that is why we watch it so we can jump on earlier.

  • Diana

    Wow that was fast. Thanks for your reply. So instead of being overwhelmed by so many pairs, would the correct way be just consider the top 5 highlighted and focus on them on 1H retracement instead? By the way if I used the daily as a guide.. and there is a big move during the day, would the top 5 on daily changed?

  • Diana,

    The key is to use it in conjunction with your trading strategy find an massive move wait for a pull back and get back in.

    Here is a video that will help you with that. http://winnersedgetrading.com/forex-power-indicator-training/



  • Diana

    I was looking at the Forex Power Indicator and wonder how it is useful especially since it typically show after the fact so when we do see the ideal pair to study, the move would have been over.. confuse..

  • Geoff It is a tool that I am testing out right now. I had some one create it just for that purpose.

  • Paul Thanks for the feedback it helps me in my analysis. I appreciate the long wind! It helps all of us better here. I do want to be exact in my analysis however I want people to think for themselves and not just copy me. because if people learn to trade that is where the real benefit from these videos comes. Thanks Again.

  • Phil we might have different trade ideas and that is ok but the key is to make sure you are following your plan and that you are managing risk. If you dont have a trading plan yet. Get one because a trading plan is what keeps you on course.

  • Very True and Well Said thank you.

  • Thanks so much for your kindness Jackie

  • I am glad you got it to work.

  • Mohammed that sounds extremely solid, thanks for sharing on here for everyone to benefit from. The most important thing is that you follow your plan. Please stay on here and let all of us know how you are doing?

  • I can do that as well. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Yes I will allow it sorry for that trouble.

  • Greg

    I am new to this community…I would like to be able to follow along with trades your on in some capacity and I know I am solely responsible to my trades..Im just looking for a guideline so to speak..I am truly enjoying your daily analysis…Thanks so much..Keep up the great work…..I am currently short on the USDCHF in profit from .93545 an its at .93447 as I write this..Its trending down if anyone cares to know

  • Geoff

    Casey, does your hidden stop actually trigger with your broker ie have they accepted a stop order that only happens based on the closing price or do you have to manually stop the trade?
    best, Geoff

  • Paul

    Hi Casey

    I have watched a few of your daily analysis’ and although I found them informative I also found them a little vague and would have wanted to see/hear – I’m in this trade here or I’m looking to get in around this area etc. I understand that there is probably a subscription for specific details and signals where you offer that info (which I do not require). However after watching this video (having not watched for the last 2 weeks) for me it was your best vid yet probably because there was more follow through…when you said “I’m in here, I might be stopped out there” etc. It makes the analysis feel more concrete. So in my long winded comment a great analysis and I will be back for more, thank you.

  • Phil

    Hi Casey, Great video once again, Its good that we can watch it from your, You tube link as well.
    I have a buy order on the Euro / Aud at 1.2440 … so I am looking for a significant fall, but only to that level , Ha !!
    i got stopped out on the Usd / Chf earlier in the week,It was a shame about that one as it looked to have lots of potential to the downside, maybe we will get another chance with a good sell signal from around .9434

    I did manage to recoup my losses on Gbp/Usd yesterday though . And I got in on the Usd /Cad earlier so it was encouraging to see you also are in that trade .

  • Will

    you are doing a great job! Thanks.

  • matt

    Hi Casey, I would like to ask what your trading plan is for placing stops? If possible, could you talk about that in tomorrow’s analysis? Thanks!!!

  • stephane

    Thanks for the analysis Casey. As you asked, I ld like to give back and share with you something I red on a french forum that helped me a lot to get a proper state of mind while trading. It is just s simple definition : “What is a trader’s job ? A trader’s job is to manages risks.” Very true.

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Thank you Brother Casey for the Great Analysis again today. I hope you have many pips made by the close out tomorrow. May God Bless You all at Winners Edge Trading in the Name of Jesus!!!

  • garry

    hi casey please disregard that request for a different player ive found with a different browser the video player does have funtionality.

  • garry

    hi casey, i was wondering if in the future you might consider using a different video player; one that has more functionality. often it would be so convienent to pause or rewind and so forth, often i and im sure many of your readers need to change web pages or leave the room and it would be so good just to start again from where i left off, etc. thanks the analysis, it great your trying to help the community

  • bigapple

    yesterday it was working but before not. Increasing is a big advantage and should be available.
    Casey, please check how to realise again. Thanks

  • Thanks Jamal

  • Sorry I will look into making sure that function is available for the next videos.

  • Colin

    Thankyou for all your analysis however I cannot get this full screen – is it my browser but I have no option to do this. I was ok last week?

  • Yes that is true actually One of my students got in on that trade and is already up 121 pips I think that could be a good move to the upside.

  • Thanks Mohammed

  • jamal

    very good Analysis

  • Carol

    hey Casey- u see GBP/JPY has broken the high

  • Mohammad

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for the video, really helpful as usual! I have created a basic trading plan. Do you have any advise or suggestions to improve it:

    Check first – Weekly chart, daily news, gold

    Entry – Only on daily chart which shows an exhaustion, inside bar or engulfing candle at a key support and resistance level. Follow the general trend. Price of new candle MUST have broken the expected level

    R:R – Risk reward to always be 1:1.5 reward minimum

    Risk per trade – Maximum is 1% of the account

    Exit – At 1.5 or predefined reward or stop loss of 1%. Stay in the trade if signals are strong but close half the position if target is met and move to break even

    After Trade – Analyse what happened and why. No trade for 1 hour minimum

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Thanks for Visiting Dave, Is there any particular question you have with your trading? If so dont hesitate to ask.

  • Dave Askew

    once again a great analysis Casey, they are a great help with my trading
    thanks once again.