Daily Analysis October 30th

Don’t miss out on Nathan’s first analysis since he has been back!

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U.S. Stock markets were closed Monday and Tuesday due to Hurricane Sandy. Many investors are in a state of unrest as the month of October ends. There are investors whose fiscal years end in October, therefore they may want to rid themselves of losing stocks for tax purposes. This is why some market participants believe it is essential for the markets to open on Wednesday. Read more about Hurricane Sandy here.

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  • NathanTucci

    This is my euro chart

  • NathanTucci
  • NathanTucci

    Hey Steve, thanks so much! I appreciate the kind wishes!

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Emo, thank you for your kind wishes! I do not really like indicators too much.. to me, I can see things “more clearly” with just price action, lines, levels and candles. Different types of candles reacting to different levels are the best indicators in my opinion, so that is what I like to look at most.

  • Emo

    Nathan! Welcome back, may you and your wife thoroughly enjoy your new life. Question for you, you don’t appear to use indicators per say. Do you mind telling me, what other signs you use to guide you in deciding the market movements..like the look of a candle for eg. Great to have you back, Casey was great too.. Emo

  • Steve Odiase

    Nice analysis Nathan and congrats on your new status, may it be for ever

  • stephane

    Hi Nathan and welcome back

    I was just wondering for GU. You mentionned before it has attacked twice a W TL resistance and was violently rejected from it all the way to 1,53. 4 weeks ago it made a third attempt at it, and instead of being rejected violently it is now just mildly drifitng under it. I would consider indeed it may break it up.

  • Phil..

    Welcome back Nathan ,All the best wishes for your marrage and future .
    Casey has done a great job holding the fort for you whiie you were away and gave us all a great lesson on commitment .
    I like the Eur/Gbp long too . bouncing nicely off that trendline .

  • bigapple

    I wonder why it is again not possibel to see full screen. Yesterday it was possible and this helps a lot.

    Maybee it depens how many test you put above/below the window.Thanks

  • Zan

    Welcome back ,Nathan. Congratulation.You are married now. I wish you lots of happiness. Very good analysis as always.Take care. Enjoy.

  • Osita

    Nathan, welcome back and congratulations on your wedding! Great analysis! Keep up the good work!

  • Marcelo

    Nathan, welcome back.
    U still great at this, like your analysis. I agree with you E/U is hard to predict nowadays. Better stay off and look to see what will happens.

  • Tony

    That was short and simple.

  • Nice2MU

    Welcome back buddy and congrats on your marriage (this is what Casy told us 🙂

  • Cazzie

    Mr & Mrs Nathan Tucci (sounds nice doesn’t it). Welcome back.

    Casey has done a fab job while you were away. His style of presenting the analysis is very different from yours. Both are good though.

    Have a very happy life and many little Tucci’s pattering around and keeping you both awake in the early hours.

    That’s life, have a wonderful one.

  • Ravi

    Welcome back Nathan and congratulations. Your analysis is always sound.

  • mikec13845 Manchester UK

    Glad to see you back hope your journey was good and look forward to your regular analysis

  • welcome back Nathan

  • Lawrence Trowbridge

    Thanks for the update and congratulations to Mrs Tucci and you.