Daily Analysis October 31st

Analysis and Interaction!

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  • Really interesting to see how others have their charts set-up. Some are utterly confusing with masses of indicators and spider-webs of trend lines. Others very simple and clear. Just goes to prove that no two (or more) traders see the same data in the same way.

  • David

    OKAY here is my eur/usd. Thanks for your technical daily analysis

  • ann

    ok, this is my daily chart -much simpler than yours-just horizontal lines-weekly lines are thick lines and all lines are transposed to smaller timeframes,

  • forexft

    Thanks Nathan for the analysis. Here is my chart for the EURUSD. I sometimes use EMAs and Fibonacci.

  • forexft

    Hi John I would also like to know if you had any succes if MBFX system! Thanks!

  • forexft

    Hi Kevin K, your analysis seems very interesting. Do you mind sharing which theory are you using? Thanks 🙂

  • my chart

  • Doh! – chart attached this time!

  • My EUR/USD daily chart. Volume & average volume, Stochastic & 20/50/80 levels, SMAs & short/medium term trends, Bollinger bands, Long term EMAs & mirrors. T/P on 3 levels @ 33pips, 67pips & 100pips. S/L on 33pips and moves up after the 2nd T/P hit. Also works on 17 other pairs.

  • Dave Askew

    this is my eur/usd clip

  • judd

    wow this is amazing, thats for the info, anyway this was my sell trade today, i made 15 pips so far, and yes i use renko bars, thanks guys keep up the good work, Judd

  • AUD and Eur are driving me crazy..

  • KevinK

    E/U will decent to previous support @ 1.2700 zone, then fundamentally fail to 1.2300 area.

  • Klaudiuz

    Currently EU PA is ranging between MR1 at 1.3128 and MS1 at 1.2792. Also, PA is finding support and bouncing of the 200EMA and has just formed a Bullish Engulfing Pattern 2 days back and this candlestick pattern is currently being tested. If yesterday’s daily Low holds, a low risk high probability opportunity is presented. Using yesterday’s low as my stop loss, I can get a low risk entry (20 pips) for a great risk reward probability. Since its a little aggressive, I risk only 1% of my account. Just my 2 cents worth:)

  • Phil..

    My daily Eur/Usd chart.
    21 and 8 period Ema’s and horizontal levels I am watching for short term
    My long on Eur/Gbp hit profit target yesterday before the retrace,
    I will now wait for another opportunity to enter. I am thinking possibly a deeper retrace from
    here around 79.80s

  • JoeR

    SMA8 and EMA16

  • bigapple

    I see EURUSD in a range of about 330 pips. Only outside of this range i see the next directional move. For sure it is possible to trade such a range but best on the boarders confirmed by PA.

  • bigapple

    EURGBP – what i realize is that momentum down is much stronger as up and this makes me doubt that the next move is up.(last move in 2 days removed about 10 up days)

  • allen

    his is my euro

  • pipdaddy

    Possible cypher pattern 60 min chart

  • Austrader

    Looks like euro could pop

  • John

    My EUR/USD Daily and 30min cuz I just started practicing my intraday skillz.

  • Gareth Roberts

    Hey Nathan, my eurusd chart, cheers bud

  • Hey Nathan or Casey what’s you take on EUR/CAD?
    As always thanks a lot for your priceless help

  • Keldog

    My eurusd with EW and BAT pattern (Gartley) short signal

  • Colin

    Here is my Eur $

  • Glen Ocheskey

    This is my eurusd daily chart.

  • Larry Beaty

    Here’s my Daily EURUSD

  • zain

    hello nathan, which website is that where you monitor the important news with the red tags and so?

  • Zain

    hello john.. i see you’re using the MBFX system..do you have any success with it? how long have u been using it?

  • Bruno D’Costa

    EUR/USD bullish….

  • My EUR/USD Chart

  • Ravi

    My EurUsd daily

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Hey Nathan!!! I’m not sure if this is right however I tried. God Bless Yall!! It’s right!!! Yes!!! LOL!!!

  • Bob Moodie

    Here’s my EURUSD 10/31/12 Daily Chart

  • adel

    EUR/USD chart

  • Nizar

    Thanks … you make it easy to understand and easy to learn

  • hello Nathan I think tomorrow Nov 1 we have several RED TAG news

    the CAD GDP was today @ 8:30 am

  • nisar

    use of trend lines and indicator become so easy with elliot wave because u have an idea where the market can go next?

  • my eur/usd chart


  • John

    chart eur

  • Michael L

    Have looked; no snip tool.

  • ben

    Here is my chart showing my horizontal support and resistance lines and the no- trade zone{shaded area}.I also use divergence on stochastics and macd as shown.Thanks Nathan and welcome back.Congratulations on your marriage.

  • Dore Bedell

    I like to see 4 to 5 energys line up.

    1) Trend using a 50 DMA 2) Momentum using a Histograhm 3) Cycles using a Slow Stoke 4) Support and Resistance using A Fib indicator ) Fractle depenting on How long I want to hold the trade
    THX Dore B

  • Rick

    EUR/USD using the Wavy Tunnel

  • Seems that there is a problem with every chart that has been uploaded

  • Hi guys, here is mu eurusd workspace

  • KDED

    Hi, Here is my chart

  • Gav

    Hi Guys, My chart is attached. Thanks for the Analysis


  • This is a picture of my chart. I hope you like it.