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This might seem as a dramatic statement…. Why and how will this change anything?

Our Double Trend Trap (or DTT) strategy simplifies the process of trading and offers all traders a unique opportunity of trading a highly profitable trading system.

This article will explain why, so it is extremely important to read every detail…



The DTT strategy capitalizes very efficiently on the best trending parts of the Forex market. And by doing so, the DTT strategy is able to capture huge number of pips and profit. By rigorously focusing on trading with the trend, the DTT strategy maximizes the reward gained and minimizes the risk taken (known as r:r ratio).

The DTT strategy logic provides for a full scale trading plan. At the heart of our Forex strategy the TOFTEM model is the driving force behind this winning formula. Basically, TOFTEM stands for Trend, Opportunity, Filters, Trigger and Entry Method.

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With the TOFTEM model in hand, the trader can then analyze whether there is sufficient Wide Open Space (WOS) in the chart for a tradable trade. Last but not least, the trader then utilizes trade management to plan the trade and must be diligent in trading psychology to trade the plan (also known as the Golden Triangle).

Despite the fact that the trading plan is highly profitable, many traders could not implement the strategy and reap the rewards as smoothly as desired. That is why Winners Edge Trading created the best solution it could: the Double Trend Trap template.


The Double Trend Trap template is the ultimate tool for trading the DTT strategy.

First of all, we should note that the DTT template is fully and only based on our DTT strategy logic.

Secondly, it is a must to explain the numerous advantages the DTT template has.

1)      The trader is able to trade a profitable trading strategy.

2)      The trader has the confidence of knowing that they are trading a profitable system.

3)      The trader has the benefit of clear and precise rules.

4)      The process of trading has become tremendously simplified.

5)      The charts are clear and clean without tens or tons of indicators clustering the chart.

Traders, it cannot get better than this! So what is this “Double Trend Trap template”?

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The Double Trend Trap (DTT) template places the logic of the DTT strategy in an easy to understand template.

Let us review the template step by step.

Trending indicator

First of all, with the DTT template on the chart it becomes a simple process to understand what the trend direction is. Or whether there is no trend at all.

At the bottom of the chart there are two boxes which indicate the trend on the 4 hour chart and daily chart. Green bars indicate an uptrend; whereas red bars indicate a downtrend. When the bars are grey, there is NO trend. Simple right?!

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This indicator makes the entire process of analyzing the trend very simple and it also allows the trend definition to be extremely accurate. 

It is time consuming and challenging task to decipher if and what the trend is on a large number of currency pairs. This indicator makes that task doable without losing a ton of time or accuracy.

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Trigger candle

The next step is to judge whether a currency pair is offering an opportunity or pullback to trade the trend and to know when there is high likelihood that the retracement has been completed.

The trigger candle does just that. When a trigger candle is printed on the chart, the trader knows that both a pullback opportunity and a trigger (move back into direction trend) have already occurred.

Winners Edge Trading cannot stress enough how important the trigger candle is for trading the DTT logic. It improves the accuracy of implementing the strategy correctly, it offers the ability to trade the strategy with more ease and less efforts, and it allows traders to trade the most profitable setups (on average).

The trigger candle indicates when there was a pullback and when that pullback has been completed.

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SMI indicator

The SMI indicator is an extra tool to understand whether price has momentum – or whether it lacks it.

Momentum is a very important concept in trading. Price needs momentum to be able to move fast into one direction without making too many bigger pullbacks.

The SMI indicator provides that analysis and helps traders understand whether the market is moving fast or slow. For instance, traders can use the SMI to judge whether the trigger candle can expect immediate follow through or whether a small pullback could occur.

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Let us review a trade example from the NZDUSD.

First of all, the DTT template is showing green bars at the bottom of the chart. This indicates that an uptrend is present on both the 4 hour and day chart. Simple, right?

Secondly, the DTT template is showing green candle sticks (in the chart itself). All of these candles indicate a retracement and continuation (trigger). All of these examples profitable trade setups.

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Let us review a trade example from the GBPUSD.

First of all, the DTT template is showing green bars at the bottom of the chart. This indicates that an uptrend is present on both the 4 hour and day chart.

Secondly, the DTT template is again showing multiple examples of green candle sticks. All of these candles indicate a retracement and continuation (trigger). All of these examples profitable trade setups.

In fact, both trades closed for +4.5 and +3.1 units of reward. When using for instance 1% risk per trade, that would then equal to +4.5% and +3.1% profit.

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These are two good examples, but whoever looks at the DTT template and its trend and trigger indicators can see that there a ton of similar setups.

Extremely important is the fact that even if price does not get sufficient momentum and follow through to book a profitable trade, the trader can still exit the setup at a smaller loss. Using our trade management rules and guidelines, a trader has all the elements needed to succeed.

Here below we see an example of the AUDUSD. This is a typical example of the end of a trend approaching. The AUDUSD was in a major down trend but was approaching a bigger retracement point. Despite the turnaround, the DTT template manages to avoid any significant loss. One trade is a win, two close for break even and 2 for a very small loss.

In this example you can see how powerful the concept and template really are.

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The DTT template offers an extremely coherent, simple, and above all profitable method of trading the Double Trend Trap strategy.

Are you looking to trade and profit from the trend? Let us know down below if you would like to capitalize on trending markets but with more accuracy and simpler process!

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