Derek Frey From Elemental Trader Interview

Today, I have a special treat for you and that is an interview with Derek Frey who is a Senior Technical Analyst and also behind the release of the new harmonic pattern system Elemental Trader. Watch this interview to see if you can find some trading wisdom from a trading professional.

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  • Euan

    This was quite interesting, I only stumbled on it as I wanted to know who Derek Fry was as he is selling a very expensive Forex Profit Predictor. Now the question I ask if that was such a hot thing and you would never need anything else, I listened to the 47 min presentation why would he now be bringing out these harmonics, so for me looks like the Forex Profit Predictor is not all it is made out to be, so I will say my money. Thanks for the show, very interesting think I will add more detail to my trading plan