Did you know the GBP/AUD Moved TWO THOUSAND Pips Straight Up?!

This market has been INSANE lately. I cannot believe some of the moves like the insane GBP/AUD. Check out our Analysis of it all here:


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  • NathanTucci

    We looked at this one on the Monthly charts last week, and I agree the shape is clearer, but the problem is that most people are not taking entries on the Monthly chart, so we need to find those intra-day levels to use to form our trades. And those levels are being compromised by the crazy movement on the smaller time frames.

  • NathanTucci

    I appreciate you sharing the chart very much.

  • NathanTucci

    Certainly the USD/CAD is more clear on the long term here, however, I still think the intra-day in terms of how it is forming that shape it unsettling.

  • Paul

    Well done Nathan, excellent analysis as always. Many thanks for all of your diligence in preparing & publishing your excellent work

    I agree that technical analysis of ForEx is a wonderful environment to learn how to cope with uncertainty

    I note on your GBP & EUR weekly charts (compared the the USD) that the ‘old world’ currencies are somewhat stronger. I also recognise weakness in the AUD (compared to the USD). So looking at the GBP AUD I would expect to be looking for longs (as the GBP is relatively strong and the AUD relatively weak), yet what we see is a great potential for a ‘quick’ short trade

    I don’t disagree, but I can also see the potential for another 1,700 pips with the present trend, to 1.81 00

    Anyway, clearly what we do know is that there are lots of opportunities out there, on all of the ‘Majors’ (even USD CHF may be respecting previous support on the daily and a weekly ascending trend, for a long move) not only against the USD. but one-another also.

    The USD CAD could be ‘winding up’ (thanks to Ravi for the great chart) for a little longer and therefore might be a little more challenging in the nearer term, but the CAD JPY cross is definitely holding my attention at the moment, as you know

    So, a lot of pairs are at significant levels. We have an expectation that price will react to these levels, but don’t know how (bounce, start new of a whole new trend in the opposite direction to the most recent, break & continuation, break & shake out, start of a consolidation / sideways trend). Therefore I’m watching daily candle formation with interest for a ‘trigger’ to enter tinto the market, that offers a good risk / reward, should the trade idea & trigger work out, but won’t bankrupt me if it doesn’t (since you can only tell if a ‘trigger’, when at a predetermined level of interest, was a ‘shake out’ or a genuine early indication of current & immediate future intent (direction). with the benefit of hind-sight. Which is the more painful, taking a loss because the ‘trigger’ was wrong, or not taking a profit because you didn’t ‘trade the trigger’ (if that’s what your trading plan instructed you to do)?

    Looking forward to next week already & your first days update on Monday

  • stephane

    Hi nathan, for EU if you change your fib from the bullish move the nex bearish move (roughly from 1,371 on 2013/02/01 to 1,274 on 2013/04/04) you will see the pair is quite respecting the fib levels, and that he current level is the 50 % Fib of that move. Is it a pull back/continuation or a reversal ? Hard to tell.

  • Ravi

    Nice analysis analysis as always. Thank you Nathan. Regarding USDCAD I am attaching my chart. Let me know if the movement in this pair looks less confusing if these trendlines are used.

  • Guest

    Nice analysis as always. Thank you Nathan. Regarding USDCAD I am attaching my chart. Let me know if the movement in this pair looks less confusing if these trendlines are used.

  • fej

    Thanks Nathan for the great job you are doing. Usd cad is a disaster! There is no point bothering with it. I expect a reversal on GbpAud and in fact, I expect the aud to rebound big time across board next week. Time will tell if I am right or wrong

  • Pete Willis

    Great work yet again Nathan Ive watched so many analysis over the last year but allways come back to yours which I find is clean clear and easy to follow so very well done Nathan and thanks for your time

  • kern

    that was nice thank you., i did not know about GbpAud big move. i should have know better.