DTT Trades 2014 April 28-May 2

[tweetable alt=””]DTT Trades 2014 April 28-May 2 such as GBPUSD and GBPCHF.[/tweetable]


Recap of the DTT trades of this week:

[leadplayer_vid id=”53634BD9B1D0C”]

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  • Chris

    Not sure why that it is like that. Maybe I didnt zoom out to the daily chart today. Will check it when I get back from my trip away. Thanks for bringing this to my attention tho!

  • aristides

    hello Chris,
    my point is that I do not understand why you don’t have green bars on the daily DTT tool. (you show grey bars in the video).

  • Chris

    Hey aristides! Thank you! Nice looking chart 🙂 Moving averages are always great tools! Looks like your daily charts are breaking indeed. Thanks again for your feedback, much appreciated!

  • aristides

    nice recap, thank you.
    GBPAUD daily on my charts is showing green BTW (closes on last few days are above highs of the two emas)