EA Support

Hey Testers!

Thanks so much for your partnership in making this software a success. If you have a question that needs answered and has not been taken care of yet, please leave a comment with enough detail for our programmer to answer it adequately.

Once again, I am very excited that you have joined us for this awesome opportunity to make this EA a smashing success, and I ask that you would be patient as we try to help you with this and ensure your complete success individually.


Update! 6/27/11 12:55pm

EA version 0.20 is ready for release.

We will get it posted on the download page as soon as possible. There are a few known issues, but many of the current issues have been addressed. The included v0.20 documentation details all of those issues. We will also post the indicators and a template for download so you can see exactly when a trade should be taken.  We’ll send everyone an email when it is available to download.

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