EA Support

Hey Testers!

Thanks so much for your partnership in making this software a success. If you have a question that needs answered and has not been taken care of yet, please leave a comment with enough detail for our programmer to answer it adequately.

Once again, I am very excited that you have joined us for this awesome opportunity to make this EA a smashing success, and I ask that you would be patient as we try to help you with this and ensure your complete success individually.


Update! 6/27/11 12:55pm

EA version 0.20 is ready for release.

We will get it posted on the download page as soon as possible. There are a few known issues, but many of the current issues have been addressed. The included v0.20 documentation details all of those issues. We will also post the indicators and a template for download so you can see exactly when a trade should be taken.  We’ll send everyone an email when it is available to download.

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  • ann

    You said the new version was ready to release and would let us know when it was ready to download.  Have not received an e-mail – is it ready for download.

  • Klaudiuz

    EA opened 2 trades on the 23rd of June. AUD/USD and EUR/USD. I thought 3 lots will be opened for each trade but only one was opened. Both were good entries as they were profitable. Stop losses were not visible. I am only testing 4 hr and Daily Charts, is this correct?
    I mistakenly thought the EA will exit automatically when the MACD lines cross so I left the EA to complete the trade. Unfortunately, EUR/USD closed for a small loss. Will NOT repeat that mistake again:)

  • Keevon

    i am treading in my live account

  • Janerikchr

    Hi. I have installed the EA on FXDD platform and it works. However yesterday it opened a trade on audusd 4H timeframe, but only with a 0,01 lot.

  • Eljafe

    As you requested, and I will state again there are no messages or alerts etc.in either the terminal ,Experts or journal folders.You know that was thew first thing I checked ,and I checked again also the settings are also correct I do use an ECN broker. MBTrading. I even removed the EA and reinstalled it. I contacted my broker and they said that there was nothing wrong on their end. My broker is a 5 digit broker and I can trade Micro,Mini and full lots.Help!(Loaded ,initalized successfully) Those are the only messages .



  • Dave Folsom

    Good Morning

    I attended your interesting webinar
    last week and signed up for your Auto Trade service that same night. However,
    I’ve had a few start-up questions/concerns that I’ve tried to get resolved via
    two earlier email messages to Nathan Tucci. And to date, I’ve received no
    response from either of these messages.

    My second message to Nathan
    indicated that I had resolved my MT4 questions with help from a representative
    of InterbankFX. But my questions regarding the Auto Trade service and trouble
    downloading the EXE4 file (from PayPay) still remain unanswered. So either I’m
    sending my messages to the wrong person, or I’m using an incorrect email address
    for him (i.e., Nathan), or some other reason, for the lack of response from your

    Rather than repeat my situation in
    this third message, I’ve included a copy of my second message below. I’d like to
    get started with this new Auto Trade service, but have no clue as to how to
    proceed. Please do me the courtesy of responding as soon as possible so that at
    least I know that this is not just another scam type

    Thanks for your prompt



    Here’s a copy of my second message
    to Nathan last Friday (6/17/11):

    Good Morning

    Please disregard my references to
    the various MT4 “problems” I mentioned in my email message to you yesterday. I
    just got off the phone with a representative from InterbankFX and got all those
    situations resolved.

    However, I still have the questions
    I mentioned regarding my newly purchased Auto Trade service from you folks.
    Specifically, I am inquiring about:

    How do I download an EXE4 file when my PC (with
    Windows 7) doesn’t provide for this type of file download? Is there some other

    What will I be receiving in the way of “getting
    started” guidance, and when can I expect to receive it?. (It’s been a few days
    since your seminar, and I’ve not received any type of correspondence as to how
    to proceed. Perhaps the file download Casey mentioned during the webinar would
    help provide some me some useful guidance in this regard.)

    As I mentioned in my earlier
    message, I’ve gone ahead and set-up a separate demo account (with InterbankFX
    broker), which I plan to use while participating in the Auto Trade program. I’ve
    set up a template to accommodate the various settings described in your webinar
    the other night. But when I tried to complete the download of the EXE4 file
    (from PayPal, after they confirmed my payment) I learned that my PC apparently
    isn’t equipped to download such type files.

    I hope this further explains my
    situation here and my willingness (indeed, eagerness!) to get going. I’m just
    not certain at this point how to make that happen.

    Thanks, again, for checking this out
    for me and getting back as soon as possible.




  • Ramunsyah_utama

    Hi Nathan: 

    After testing it the software, yes it good , its triggered automatically when 3′ EMA crossed 25′ and 30′ EMA with strong candle penetrated those line. However, we need the software to put S/L and T/P1,2 or 3. Previously it was triggered sell  in AUS/USD and the result is 75pips ( I just liquidated T/P1 and let run T/P2 by using trailing stop and it took 2-3 days. Currently, it was triggered sell in USD/CHF 2 days ago, now it is still in progress.

  • Eljafe

    I am not new to trading nor am I new to EA’s I installed the software the day of the webinar it was installed correctly, there has been a smily face on a 5 minute and a 4 hr chart since that time.No trade have activated on either chart although there have been triggers. There have been
     no alerts,Nothing. Question: what is the problem?
    Looking for an answer to the question.

    Casey Windham