EUR and GBP Continue to Soar Despite the Time of Year


This is a new one and has sound!

Another huge Bullish Day for EUR and GBP:

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Tomorrow’s Bank of Japan meetings could impact economist’s Japanese outlook for 2013 great. The BOJ’s response to the newly elected Prime Minister Abe’s stimulus vision will be very insightful for your fundamental outlook. Visit this page to read the article: Bank of Japan’s Critical Meeting December 19-20.

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  • Marcus

    Casey, there must be a problem with your system, because in 2 days I had the automatic sell for EUR/AUS and the GBP/USD, but both pairs are in a up trend and I lost money on both, so I’m wondering if something wrong with your system or I’m not getting the same trade as you guys.

    Please help me out here.


  • Phillip

    Gbp /Usd … Well yes it sure has been on a screamer to the upside for the last month
    I bet all those that are short through the 1.59s are feeling a bit sick right now.

  • Geezergar

    Bearish Gartley shaping up on EUR/AUD. Completion should be around the 1.2655 level.

  • Frank Gallison

    No big deal, $#@% happens.. Thanks for the analysis…

  • John we are going to fix this right away.

  • Still no sound, checked other of ur videos and they have sound, this one not!?