EUR Reversing or Setting Up for Long?

The Euro has continued its bearish reun all the way down to 132.75, so is this a major reversal or just a set up to continue higher?



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  • Geoff

    Nathan, thanks for your daily commentary. you are appreciated

  • Mohamed Jassim Al Ebrahim

    My first time get your alert but I really appreciated the analysis very much and hope it will continue.
    Mohamed Al Ebrahim

  • Kitwo

    Thank you for the analysis

  • lanie

    love your analysis so much

  • steve

    i’d like a nice Daily Pin Bar off the Trend line please.

  • Paul

    How disappointing, it’s rare but youTube ain’t playing at the moment
    Never mind. If the EUR USD is pulling back to continue its established ‘up-trend’ I don’t see any sign of an entry trigger for a while . More waiting to see if its going to stall and offer a trade order entry back long, or if this is an even. Larger correction move or a complete change trend
    It’ll be good to hear Nathan’s opinion when the software has recovered !