EUR/GBP: Faked North and Going South

EUR/GBP (Along with many other pairs, had a massive fake today). See why it could create a great trade:

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  • geezergar

    Great analysis Nathan, do you guy’s use ratio (harmonic pattern) trading ie:cypher, bat, gartley. I ask this because i use it quite alot & I do get some really good trades.

  • nabih


  • Really helpful, thanks Nathan! Only one question, from what date to what date did you draw your Fib levels on EURGBP? Thanks

  • Fabrice Goeyvaerts

    Lots of technical stuff, there, Nathan. I loved it.

    You still see things I don’t, so very valuable to me.

    Great format and great job. Tks !!!


  • Paul

    Excellent NDA, with the new improved format

    I think Eur GPB has further to move downward but unfortunately was not around to take advantage of the higher prices earlier today, watching for any moves higher and clear rejection tomorrow