EUR/GBP Target and GBP/USD Break!

A crazy day in the Market that led to the GBP/USD Break we talked about AND the EUR/GBP Target we mentioned!

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  • John Hunter

    Who are you calling a coward you obviously didn’t join winners edge trading signal service and paid $1500 dollars for their “service ” which to date has hardly ever crept above zero, and at the moment is minus 15.65% I don’t know about you but I joined because of the great analysis , but as far as i’m concerned that is all it seems to be all talk and no money So in future perhaps you should know what your talking about before you flap your gums.

  • John Hunter

    Hi Nathan How can you be confused you must know that your Winners Edge trading signal service is down 15.65% and has hardly been above zero since I joined it about 3months ago.

  • Jim Crester

    John, I take offense to you calling the guys as Winners Edge Liars. They help people all the time, I am tired of these cowards coming out of the woodwork hiding and acting tough.

  • NathanTucci

    John, you mentioned the copier, now you are talking about the signals–though they are also up nicely on the month, yes–but I am quite confused as to what you are actually referring to.

  • John Hunter

    Hey Nathan The Trading signal service is down overall at the moment 15.65% are you really trying to tell me it’s doing well . It may be up a little this month but you just posted another 2 losers. This is about making money and your original $1000 now stands at $780.71 Which I admit is better than it has been, Which only shows how bad it has been. Further in April you only had 15 winners as your history page will confirm. Sounds like the old adage Lies, Dam lies and statistics.

  • NathanTucci

    Paul, thanks for all the feedback as usual. Great anticipation on the E/G and very well done getting in quite early and having the patience to hold on.. looking like it does indeed want to move lower so you may be taking WAY more profit than me 🙂

    Will be interesting to see how the other trades progress as well, EUR/CAD and CAD/JPY certainly.

    And as far as GBP/NZD, a little profit is always better than loss!

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Zan, sounds great. Breaking through .84 today, so interested to see where you want to take it from here.

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Ben, be sure to check out the article on Gold by Chris as I don’t really trade it being in the US with no leverage 🙁

  • NathanTucci

    Awesome Job, David, well done!! Glad you are making pips.. that is really great to here

  • NathanTucci

    Hey HR, to be completely honest I think we give out more of “our stuff” than anyone out there on the web for Free, but we do save some stuff for our services like the trading room and our mentoring program. Because that stuff takes so much time and work to really train people on, we do charge for our time in that area. Hope you understand this.

  • NathanTucci

    Hey John, the Investment Copier is up 13% this month and has recorded 130 Winning Trades in April alone, so I am not sure what you mean.

  • NathanTucci

    Great Jake!! That is awesome, I am so Glad to hear that!!

  • Paul

    Well done Nathan, great review and preview as always

    Yes, Casey, we really do appreciate the value of Nathans daily analysis. That’s why we ‘tune in’ every day

    As you know I was in the EUR GBP from almost the day you closed out your long position. Yesterdays move has given me partial profit and my stop is now at break-even, to see if it’ll move any lower

    As for the GBP NZD short that looked like it was up & running away with me when I commented yesterday, that one is now closed (having taken initial profits and moved my stop to break even), so net result was a small profit on that one. I’m still watching for more short triggers though

    My view on the EUR CAD is slightly more bearish than bullish, but not really lookng to trade it at this point in time.

    For USD CHF I’d be looking for short trigger if price can get up to the 0.95 20 / 0.95 60 area, but again not really attractive to me at the moment (unless Friday intraday prints any convincing ‘long’ triggers that have sufficient risk/reward up to the levels mentioned)

    Finally, my CAD JPY order has been triggered open in the early hours of this morning (my time), so, as you stated, I will now just patiently leave it to grind its way back up to the recent highs (or probably more quickly, stop me out!)

    The GBP pairs should look interesting on tomorrows weekly review, given yesterdays significant directional moves

    Thanks again Nathan, really appreciate what you are diligently preparing and publishing day in day out

  • In my daily forex article on the blog I did and do cover gold. keep en eye out next week for a new one! Chris

  • In my daily forex article on the blog I did and do cover gold. keep en eye out next week for a new one! Chris

  • hiep

    Gold analysis you can help me, thanks!

  • Zan

    Hi,Nathan.I go short at 0.8530 and target 0.8426.Next I wait for close of today daily bar to see if break 0.8400 and go from there.

  • HR

    Thank god, i made 200 pips from GBP USd, was in a buy when your analysis came out and was happy to see that we think alike. just one thing, you make this wonderfull video daily, why cant you be a litlle more specific as to where and how you would ACTUALLY enter the trade, why cant you be more detailed?

  • ben

    Yes thanks Nathan-the eur/gbp was a beauty.Do you ever trade gold? it has been in a nice steady rise since the earlier plunge.

  • David

    Good work bro I’m in on the eurgbp for 2weeks now so I’m glad to see it do what it did today..I just moved my stop and left it running I see more bear to come… It up bro good work

  • Jake

    Thanks so much Nathan for your daily analysis. I watch it everyday and it has been very valuable for me. I got in on the eur/gbp trade and banked over 100 pips! Keep up the awsome work.

  • John Hunter

    Yes it’s massive …what a pity we can’t get all this wonderful analysis to get some winners on the copier system that some people have paid a lot of money for instead of the constant losers that you give us.

  • Nathan I gotta give you credit, you have crushed it the past few days! Good Job. I hope all of your viewers appreciate how rare it is to have this type of analysis delivered for free every day.