Euro at a Turning Point

The Euro is fighting some major levels…

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  • Mazen Abdulhadi

    Thanks Nathan for your reply and would love to see your strategy improving, but to be more precise I will let you do the math regarding my account wihch is with your broker and I can give you permission to look at the account statement since I started.

    On Oct 15, 2012 I funded my new account with your broker with $14,966.00

    Today Nov, 26 my account equity at 23:27 EST was at $13,355.76

    this makes a loss of 10.76%

    I did not make any single trade by myself. This account is devoted to follow your trades.

    I really hope to see improvement and I really have a great faith in your system to turn around and make money.

  • Phil..

    If you start off with 5000 and you now have 4400, You are down 12% . I think that is what he is saying .

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Lloyd, I am looking at the daily, yes. I was looking at on 11/26 around 4PM est. This is what it looks like now on my chart:

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Mazen,

    Thank you for the comment. I am not sure about your account, specifically, but it is difficult to believe that anyone could be down 12% even if catching the worst peak to valley drawdown… However, one of the recent changes we have made, is a tweak in the strategy that will establish more consistency month to month. We are working hard to make sure that this happens and to execute the new changes to the strategy. Trading is always a work in progress and there are always changes, but we anticipate a lot more consistency with some of the great things we have begun to implement recently.

  • Mike

    What copier are you talking about ?

  • On the EUR/USD my chart doesn’t look anything like yours. I am looking at the Daily; what chart are you looking at Nathan? 2.30 a.m. 11/27

  • The EUR/AUD is now testing the top of the triangle. When was this written?

  • Mazen Abdulhadi

    you have a great presentation which makes feel that you have what it takes to make money, but why my account is almost 12% down from the day I used your copier on Oct 15, 2012 when I joined your copying program. almost 80% of your trades lost money

    Mazen Abdulhadi

  • m sara

    great mr nathan

  • Udo

    Unfortunately I were missing the sound…