EURO Crash: Can you Make 1,000 Pips?


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  • Caesar

    Since this was published some 3 months ago, the EUR/USD made a reversal of the ‘indicated’ possible collapse and went back upwards for upwards of near 1000 pips (I believe) … would be interested in any commentary on this

  • sam

    Good vid, cheers

  • sam

    When forex traders refer to the “Euro” they are talking about the Euro Dollar pair. This video is highlighting the significance of a weekly trend line that has shown a rejection. As a result a bullish engulfing candlestick formation has been formed. Candlestick formations are not reliable on there own but in combination with other reasoning they can give you and idea of where price is going to go. From this you should take that there is a higher probability of downside and so when trading intra day you can have more confidence in short setups. Saying that it has just run into its daily 50 ma

  • sam

    Why? This forecast is a logical assumption and using larger time scales is key to formulating intra day bias. Any experienced forex trader will agree

  • Jonathan

    After watching this video I have another confirmation why Winner’s Edge Trading group is commonly known as the mental retards of trading. I can only urge people considering their trading room to run the other way.

  • Nick

    The euro is crashing against what currencies? It may be down against one currency but up against another. Candlestick formations are only reliable 50% of the time to be traded.

  • Larry Beaty

    If you want to see the big EURUSD wedge/flag more clearly, go back to 2005 or further.

  • Lori Favela

    thanks for this

  • Gary

    Great presentation. Thanks.

  • Warf

    So when do you predict the euro bottom for? Jun July Aug?

  • TradingPub

    Nice video Nathan!