Euro Retreats During New York Session

The EURO started off the day with massive bullish continuation, but has re-routed toward the downside during the NY session:

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  • NathanTucci

    Hi, I use FXCM for the Analysis because I like the charting software, but the broker I use to trade with is ILQ. And they do also have GBP/NZD and very good spreads. . . If you are interested in looking for a different broker, I would definitely check ILQ out. They require an introducing broker to open an account with them, but we know a great one and he could help you get the account opened if you are interested. Just hit our “broker” page on the menu of our site and you can get all that info.

  • NathanTucci

    Well, SR, the sell was taken at a much higher price and was targeting a small bearish correction to the downside at a major level. It was not a sell at the support level or in the support zone, but rather after it had broken to the upside we were looking for a bearish correction off a major level.

  • Jure Vuković

    Hi Nathan… What broker do you use..? alpari, oanda and FXpro don’t have GBP/NZD

  • SR

    if the gbp/nzd support line was so strong historically then why didn’t you buy the gbp/nzd with the investment copier?… why sell it and ultimately lose a substantial amount on that trade?