Euro Going Down

Eur Looks to be Continuing its Bearish Move:

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  • Alan

    Nathan – good analysis as always. Just one technical comment: the sound level on your mic varies greatly with each days video. Some days very quiet and I have to turn my monitor volume way up and other days very loud and I have to turn the vol way down. You might want to look into that.

  • Paul

    Hi Nathan
    Thanks for sharing your thought in today’s analyis
    Personally I think the GBP NZD is going to bounce higher off this all time low, especially if the weekly candle closes as a classic ‘hammer’ formation. But then I look for candle formation (price action) at previous horizontal Support/Resistance levels, before ‘trend continuation & diaganal trend line Support & Resistance level
    Similarly interested for EUR GBP short entry opportunities at the current time
    Likely to be quite quiet again tomorrow (unlike today) so inside bars expected

    Thanks again for sharing all your hard work