Euro Moving Up to Retest Friday Prices

The Euro Made a strong bounce today… Will it continue with Bullish Momentum or the opposite?


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  • Ramadhan

    Chartc than what you are using MT4?

  • Ramadhan

    possible for professionals and experienced traders like you do not matter, for newbie traders like me quite confusing .. / other than that if the price further or turn the entry should I do at the time and should see time frame chart which one? tks

  • Ramadhan

    I am a new student is still difficult to confirm whether the price will reverse or menerukan,, do I have to use other indicators to believe in the movement,? whether a stochastic or otherwise, please clue sir.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Robert!! We appreciate the kind words!

  • NathanTucci

    Doesn’t show it on my charts, Chris. I am not using MT4 for the analysis.

  • Chris

    Hi Nathan,

    I maybe missing something here but how about just displaying the X-axis on your charts which shows the date and time.

  • acanetty

    I looks a little blur, can you fix it.?

  • Will Burgess

    Great job, Nathan. Thanks again – I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Robert P.

    Excellent analysis! Thank you Nathan. I still can’t believe you guys do this for free! Guess that’s why it’s called, “Winner’s Edge Trading”! You guys are still the best!

  • Mart.

    Hey Nathan,
    Great insight, thanks.
    Especially enjoyed the 4 hour analysis.

  • Peter S

    Thanks Nathan. Great as always.