Euro Wave Count

A Euro Wave Post by Tim Camerron

euro 4 hr wave

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  • Timcameron61

    we are working our way up…..keep watching……had to adjust my wave count for the aud/usd and it looks ALOT like the euro now, which makes me feel better about both……I’m looking for big dollar rallies after Labor day break…..

  • Lincoln

    so are you still short Casey from 1.2930

  • Thanks Tim good information.

  • Timcameron61

    from our top just above 133 we have apparently completed 5 waves down to 126ish…these 5 waves constitute a wave 1 in a higher degree (black) we should now move up in an ABC pattern into the 130-131 area this woud be wave 2 in the black degree. from there, we will drop hard and fast in a wave 3…I believe the end to the entire 5 waves in black degree will take us to 1.11 to 1.10 as measured by fibonacci. People often ask me how long to stay in swing and position trades, the answer is trendlines coupled with knowing the proper use of fibonacci retracements and extensions…I never have to guess where the end is… I made hundreds of pips on multiple positions knowing all along I was bailing out at 2650 and getting ready to reload……….It’s a great feeling having a system that not only tells you when you should be in at the pip, but also where you should ride your trades out to………..wave analysis does exactly that