Euro Weakness but not GBP

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Today I am talking mainly about some of the Euro Weakness and What to do next:


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  • NathanTucci

    Hey Chris. thank you for voicing your concerns. Though I am not the one making trades in the account, I do know that Casey was utilizing a certain strategy to attempt to take advantage of the potential reversal on the GBP. Rather than trying to catch the specific point of reversal (which is very difficult) he started putting small positions on the way up, so that when the reversal took place he was sure to have a position in place to make profit. That is my insight on that particular trade. If you need more info or have more questions, Chris, please do send an email to [email protected] thanks.

  • Chris

    Hi Nathan, I have subscribed to the +Trade Copier Program. My account has lost basically all the top up contribution, and continues to look even worse as you pursue shorts on the GBP/USD cross. Given your presentation, what is your strategy? Worse, the 5 opening trades were all significant % losses, I assume stop outs?

    Some feedback on what is happening would be useful. I have only been in the forex business for just over 12 months, and am very concerned about what I am observing in my account. I appreciate the trades do not always go in your favour, but my analysis suggests the present trend of results will end in a very quick emptying of the account. Your responce to my concerns would be appreciated.


  • Mart.

    Hey Nathan, Quite quiet all around. Like the EU/GBP for a short but as you have said before, WAIT FOR THE BREAKOUT! So I’m sitting tight for now. Thanks for insight.