Euro zone and Greece: Let’s talk

When will they decide?

What will the amount be of the next tranche (aid payment)?

Why does Greece just exit the Euro zone already, since that may be the end result anyway?

Good questions. Sadly, there is no answer yet. The past week or so the tension has risen, but still no deal.

“It is essential to take a decision on the disbursement of the next tranche … in the course of today,” Olli Rehn, European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs said. That doesn’t appear like it will come to pass today.

Why is it taking so long?
Three meetings in two weeks, pretty impressive. I think the Euro Group will decide soon. The predicament does rise the question: “Why is it taking so long?”.

Is it possible that instead of getting a tranche, they will get a kick out? I don’t have any concrete reason to assume such a thing dogmatically, but they sure are taking a while…

“Greece has delivered, now it’s delivery time for the Eurogroup and the IMF,” Olli Rehn also said.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde stated the meetings should see each party “work towards a credible solution for Greece.”

Are all eyes going to continue to be on Greece? Or will we forget about it similar to the Spanish Bailout situation of the prior few months?

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