Eur/Usd 1hr Chart Analysis

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There is a great weekend setup on the Eur/Usd. We have some resistance on the hourly chart at 1.2800 and a triangle is forming. If the price goes up to resistance and bounces lower look to enter short. Wait for a clear entry signal which would be a bearish engulfing candle off of the bounce off resistance.

Another thing to look for is a break of the upward trendline on the hourly chart. The short term trend will continue to be up until that downward line is broken.

Look at the chart for more information.

Euro Chart Aug28th

Euro Chart Aug28th

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  • William667

    Great site!Thanks for sharing!

  • kussy

    i relly but understand stuff about resistance and support

  • Timcameron61

    took my 150 pips total on the nzl and aussie trades…looking for a retrace to go again….don’t like trading against a euro and pound rally……..and light volume going into Labor day……

  • Timcameron61

    good call Casey..might be time to exit…..I have long entries for euro at 1.2770 target 1.30 and 1.5570 for pound, target 1.5750

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    why do you obscure the article. it’s hard to read . what is the point. you better not send me this link, it’s a waste of time.

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    Pop ups can be a nuisance, and on a small screen with a real browser (like i$Phone). However the info that we receive from Casey is well thought out and I always welcome it, whether of not I decide to take action. Thank You Casey.
    Other trade ideas could include gbp/cad. Here’s another case of price hitting significant resistance, (see 4h, 1D, Weekly). I couldn’t resist an entry @ 1.6420 with 55 pip stop. T1 is 1.6000, T2 is 1.5400 & T3 @ 1.5550.
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  • Vinomaker

    How does one follow someone on Twitter?

  • Timcameron61

    I went short before fridays close on aussie and Nzl………..

  • Timcameron61

    not sure if you really meant 9700 but the aussie should not clear 9080 in a 1,2 large degree 1,2 smaller degree move…..both aussie and NZL are ahead of euro and pound in wave counts to the downside…..we’ll see…..

  • Nikola

    Take a look on AUDUSD . Quite good chance to short around 0.9700

  • I am not sure I understand the question Oliver? Do you mean which pair to trade?



  • Thanks for your opinion.

  • Success

    before to learn about forex… you should try to learn about computers, internet, windows etc…

  • There is so much volatility that looking for bearish price action is a waste of time…

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    what they mean Casey is that pop up for signing up, I guess they scroll and miss the close button, though it is quite annoying to us that are already on your mailing list, can it be filtered?

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    Casey, what Forex Exchange do you use or recommend? Oliver Thomson

  • Thanks Tim

  • Timcameron61

    I don’t see any junk, but I am looking for this move to reach 38% of the recent move down from above 133..that is 2880 range…then down to a higher low….(above 2600)..I am then in for a target of 1.30…….

  • I would wait for the pair to bounce off that trend line then consider going long, of course.


  • I am viewing this and do not see any junk, could someone take a screenshot and send it to me at [email protected]


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    You have to know this is a starting of new up trend that you have to go long.

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