Eur/Usd at a Decisive Point Will the Bailout, Bail out the Euro?

In today’s daily Analysis we look at the bailout of the Greece and try to figure out if the bailout is going to help? Please share your views in comment below. We of course will be looking at the technical analysis in conjunction with the Fundamental analysis and that is where we get the sweet spot of Forex Trading. We have a fundamental article written about the Greece bailout in written by our fundamental Analyst Tony College.

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  • I like this I think it is a big help to all the people reading this blog.

  • Yes it is I posted our charts.

  • Harry, The solution is to get up during London. Either that or change your strategy.

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  • The Usd/Chf Is about the exact opposite of the Eur/Usd they correlate in opposite directions.

  • I use the Daily Time Frame

  • Phil, I just pulled up the chart and yes you are right it looks like it is testing that trend line right now here is the chart I am looking at.

  • phil

    Isn’t there an up trendline on £$ dating back from may 2012 to negotiate before a short scenario could be considered ?

  • Okoli Elochukwu Innocent

    What time frame do you use in this analyses please?

  • Nick

    what do you think about USD/CHF?

  • m sara

    fentastic cassy

  • wayne

    Great analysis, thanks Casey!

  • Robert

    Casey, Very useful, many thanks.

  • Harry

    Hi casey. I do intraday trading only and i trade breakouts and like to trade on reversals but the major pbl i am facing that most of my trades come in london session when i am sleeping. If you can please help me on this i will be really grateful. And i donot like setting pending orders

  • stephane

    GU : on Weekly chart, it is also supported by a rising trend line, not only palying around a resistance point. On the weekly I think it is also in a wedge.

  • Gareth

    Hey Casey, i have noticed a bear Cypher pattern setting up on the eur/gbp due to complete around 0.8120 area. Now again not all pan out, but the last one i posted on here, the bull cypher did 😉 . Keep up the good work guy’s.

  • Cking

    Great stuff, thank you.

  • Chris The Brit

    Good presentation, Thanks

  • Yes all charts are daily and I will annotate them in the future. Thanks

  • chris

    Could you annotate the time frames of the charts you are displaying. It would be helpful.