Eur/Usd Buy Zone Approaching

Today the Eur/Usd rallied today and showed some bullish momentum. We are currently showing a potential buy setup and the target could be in 1.3000 area.

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Look at the chart for my idea.

sept 1

sept 1

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  • Jeremiah Adetunji

    GMT means Greenwich Meridian Time. It is central London local time. u just use it to calculate your local time. for instance, Nigeris is GMT+1. So when is it 12.00GMT, it is 1.00pm local time in Nigeria.


  • GMT what is that?

  • Always stop loss

    All writeups should clearly have the date and time (in GMT) on top. Otherwise they are useless

  • Vicky414

    Lol, you all over the place, one day short and another day long, Loooooool

  • Chy

    Hi Casey, Thanks for the great job. What moving averages do you use?

  • thanks,

    I used the moving averages as the area to show my buy.

  • I think you are thinking of Sophia

    because I have never done a Eur/Aud post 🙂

  • Ckamal9

    Hi Casey,

    Why you are shying away from Eur/Aud, eventhough there is an excellent trade setup .
    Normally this is one of your favourite pair.

    Hope it is on its away

  • catalin

    Casey, this was a great call.
    The small correction from yesterday’s high of 1.2854 was a complex one (in Elliott’s waves terminology). I wonder if you would be so kind to give us a hint on how you have forecasted the depth of this retracement. It is not the retracement that was a surprise but how you have set the potential buying area in terms of price depth (the magnitude of the retracement).
    Thanks and best regards,


  • Olatunji

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for the CHART and i really appreciate your work.

    Please i sent you a message for help on use of leverage 1:500 or 1:100 but you have not replied me up till now.