Eur/Usd Testing Trend Line

Hello, traders I hope you are all well. I have not been writing as many articles lately and I apologize for that but it is because I am working behind the scenes to develop some exciting free training material in the upcoming weeks. So be on the Look out 🙂 In the mean time don’t forget about our trading competition I am really excited about that. Join up now by clicking this link.

Today we have a solid test of the daily trendline on the Eur/Usd. I am anticipating for this trend line to give way and for the price to continue it’s downward spiral. However do not enter short until we get a daily bearish candle. So I will not be taking any short positions today. I might consider taking it short tomorrow but I will let you know.

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Here is the daily chart with the trend line test I was talking about.

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