Fed Raised Interest Rates for the First Time in Nine Years How will that impact the USD? (Video)

yellen Raises Fed Rates

I think that the Dollar should get stronger but we must have a better economy going forward to continue to see the dollar rise.

I however like to trade the technical chart patterns so what the fed does is important because I know it can move the markets quickly but what they say doesn’t impact me as much as knowing that they will move the markets. For example I knew that the fed was going to announce the rate decision today at 2:00 pm EST so I jumped in front of my charts and made 3 really quick and good trades because of the price action.

I based my scalps off of the long term trade that I called yesterday   and I went long 3 times on the USD/CHF for a bunch of pips see the image below to get the numbers.

pips usd chf

Trade Update:
Yesterday I called a USD/CHF Trade here is a video update on that. Also for those that guessed where I was at last week watch the video.

Thanks for everyone that made a guess but there were no winners, no body guessed correctly.  That’s the fun part about trading is I can go anywhere at anytime.


Please Share your comments about where the dollar should move from here?

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