Federal Reserve Keeping QE3

BernankeThe Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting statement will be released at 2:00pm EST today and Ben Bernanke’s press conference will be held at 2:30pm EST.

It is expected that the Fed will keep their polices the same, as far as the interest rate and quantitative easing are concerned. Though there has been slight confusion over the Fed’s quantitative easing effort, QE3 recently, the Fed will likely make it very clear that it is not giving up on this stimulus method any time soon.

What will they talk about?
With no policy change expected, the question is: what will the Federal Reserve talk about this month?

The United States has undoubtedly seen impressive economic figures in the recent months. Unemployment is decreasing, retail sales and the housing market are increasing. A question to the Fed, worthy of being answered is: what do you think of the recent positive economic data and at what point will these kind of figures quench your desire to continue QE3 (Quantitative Easing 3).

It’s very possible that the Fed will speak, at least minimally, on what their perception of the recent economic figures are.

Bernanke’s Press Conference
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s Press Conference is arguably the most investigated part of the FOMC happenings. Investors and economists will listen to hear what Bernanke has to say in reply to the reporter’s questions. You can watch the press conference live here: http://www.ustream.tv/federalreserve.

The euro looks to be rebounding, today’s FOMC information can bring serious volatility to the markets. Being cautious with your Forex trading is always a good idea when significant news events are being released.

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