Fibonacci Forex Trading

I have just posted an instructional video on how to draw Fibonacci Retracements and trade with them today. Please after watching this video you have questions please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will answer your question. You can also follow me on Twitter to get access to my upcoming material.

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  • Watch the Video again and you may understand better.

  • Thanks for the comment Jannet, I am so glad you visited us.

  • Jannett Duff

    This post is really very revealing. Thanks for your post.

  • Reikiportal

    Dear sir, it very good technique for trade.but i have little confution,which % we can preffer for buy or sell. plaese let me inforem.

  • Yes there are always other factors and one should always follow their trading plan. However if you have fib retracment level that matches up with a support or resistance level or even a moving average. That makes the trade that much stronger.

  • AndyB

    Casey, while your observation on the EURUSD is admirable is it not wise to take other aspects into consideration; support/resistance being one. Also I would ask whether a 61.8% fib retracement figures in your trading system. You need to ask yourself if you’re going to sell on this occasion just because price has retraced 61.8% are you going to do that EVERY time you see a 61.8% retracement or only on this occasion because you fancy it or are you going to use it as one aspect of the reason why you enter a trade… just offering some food for thought 😉

  • Chris, that is a great saying. I know many times if you put a saying on something it enhances memory.



  • Chris

    Something that is not mentioed is that you draw the Fib from the top is you want sell and from the bottom if you wnat to buy. The question is ‘How do I remember that?’ The answer is very simple: You Buy from the Bottom and Sell from the Top or STop. Just a silly little way I remember and I hope my sharing helps. Anyway a great video from a guy who really knows his stuff or onions – what ever you prefer. I also like his idea of waiting for a candle closure below the preceding candle before going short. Most people would teach going short on a Harami or Dark Cloud Cover. A Bearish Engulfing Candle Pattern is much more powerful.