Forex Trading is an Uphill Battle

There is a high turnover in the number of traders that come into the premium trading room. We try everything in our power to help them trade profitably and stay members. As a matter of fact we conducted a poll of one of our trading session at the end to see how many traders were profitable during the session. This was a session where we posted 5 trades and they were all profitable for us. At the end of the poll the results were that 21% of the traders lost money even though we called 5 profitable trades.

In the beginning our team would get very frustrated about the fact that traders lose money despite us doing everything we can to help them. We still work hard and do everything we can but we have learned that many people fall through the cracks and dont make the cut as forex traders.

I have found a remarkable article about Forex Discipline that I recommend that you read. It is written by Jason Stapleton and he explains some key issues why traders fail.

I have also found an article that release the actual success rate of all traders at IBFX.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you take some improvements in your trading.


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  • Merv did you read the article about discipline I included in the post. I believe that discipline is an area that would help any trader.

  • Merv

    I used the trading room but, as a relative novice, I found things were not explained well enough and there was too much unintelligible banter between room members. One reason for getting trades wrong could be that it is often not made clear when, why and how a trade was being implemented. On occasions I made trades when, due to entering the room at a different time, I only had half the information I should have had and therefore lost money.

  • Jmtswamy

    You really giving good material to improve our technical continue to do .

  • Patricio A

    In fact 21% of people that had lost isn’t bad, in anypalce I read that 20 – 30 % of the people that try a profitable system can be profitable…the systen is the minimun factor that makes one sucess!!!