Finally EUR/USD Doing Something

Been a while since we had strong continuation on the EUR/USD:

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  • Paul

    Great daily analysis Nathan, thank you

    Once again, higher time-frame traders are benefiting from the markets giving them excellent opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of patience! (still waiting to see if GBP USD will come down to my ‘ideal’ entry long at around 1.51 60 / 1.51 90 (seems unlikely at present!)
    The AUD JPY is just below its 2008 high, a potentially significant level which may act as resistance for a potential short trade ‘bounce’, without impacting the underlying upward trend

    Not much news today (FOMC is too late for me), so I look forward to tomorrows analysis posting

  • Geoff

    This year consistently the two largest daily ranges by far are exhibited secondly in JPY based pairs & firstly in NZD based pairs. You already report on some JPY based pairs. Accordingly may you kindly cover EURNZD & GBPNZD. In my largest daily ranges offer largest opportunity for success.