Forex Advice: Who Should You Believe ?

Forex advice is pretty easy to find nowadays. There are plenty of people that are willing to share their knowledge with others and to help them become profitable traders. In fact this can be a problem in itself as there is now too much information available which can then make it hard to know who to trust and what to believe.

To help you better understand how you can wade through all the different types of forex advice, and to truly learn the correct principles of trading, here are a few questions to ask yourself before believing or ignoring information you might find:

Where Do I Actually Find Good Information ?

If you are a beginner trader, or even someone with experience that is looking to trade more seriously, then you should be continually wanting to learn everything you can about forex trading. An increased level of knowledge gives you an increased level of confidence. There is no shortage of sources to find all kinds of tips, tactics, techniques, resources, news, and advice. A good starting point is searching for the the main forums or portal sites. Take a bit of time to read through the various bits of information as well as the comments provided by anyone on the site.

You can also look for resource and information sites where experienced traders pass on their expertise to others. Experienced traders, who are genuinely interested in helping others to learn, will often provide content to third-party sites. So take some time to see who regularly contributes to the major forex sites.

Is The Advice Legitimate ?

Certainly a lot of the forex advice that you could come across is provided to encourage you to eventually buy a product or service. This is a commercial reality but it doesn’t necessarily diminish the value of the information provided. Look to see if the source is a genuine provider of information over a long period of time. This will soon identify people that are serious about helping others and those that are simply trying to make a quick dollar.

What Things Should I Look For ?

Consider whether the person is part of the overall forex community. Do they participate in forums and provide free information to anyone that wants it ? This can often be a solid indicator of the type of person you want to follow.

See if the person has been around for several years. Different people tend to come and go, in many types of online businesses, and those that stay around for several years are normally the people you can have a stronger belief in. Scams, cons, and tricksters get uncovered very quickly online and simply don’t survive. Longevity says a lot about the sincerity of a person online.

Think about whether the person is a ‘giver’ rather than a ‘taker’. Do they provide free content and information to help others without the immediate expectation of selling you a product ?


It really only takes a little time, and some common sense, to weed through all the different sources of forex advice and determine the ones that you should trust. There is so much helpful and legitimate information available, so make sure that you take advantage of it to further your trading career.

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