Forex Analysis for 11/05/12

Euro is Weak Again…

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  • bigapple

    EURUSD – I wonder why you not draw the horizontal sup just broken and now res?

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Hey there Nathan! Glad that you are back to doing the Daily Analsis today. I really appreciate your insight on the markets today. It will help me look for setups on the London open in the morning. Everyone at Winners Edge that I have talked to have truly inspired me to acheive the succes that I have worked so hard and faithfully to get to. We as traders have to learn an awful lot of skills to make it in the forex or any other market for instance. I know what risk on and risk off means and I didn’t learn that untill a little while ago. It has helped my trading in forex and in the stocks also. God bless you all and May the Lord always help you in the markets. Jackie W. Cox

  • Will B.

    Thanks again for another great analysis!