Forex Beginner: Starts a Trading Career

Forex trading can be extremely difficult to get started in because of the challenges of the market environment. The most difficult aspect to master is yourself. Learning to do what is right, follow the rules and not make the big mistakes.

A new project I am undertaking is to train a young college student to learn to trade, his name is Nathan Tucci. We will see if by having a so called “mentor”, will help him to avoid the pitfalls of trading. However trading is an individual journey so even if you have some good trainers, failure is still possible. I believe that having the right trainers can make the odds stacked heavily in your favor.

This will be interesting to see how well he does because I will be teaching him and helping him the entire way. Please welcome Nathan by leaving a comment below and also follow Nathan on Twitter as he will be sharing his trading plan,strategy and trades on this blog and via twitter.

Watch the interview I had with Nathan at the NY traders Expo.

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