A Key To Forex Success: Commitment

By Casey Stubbs

Today’s trading article is going to be about life, life and trading have many things in common. Everyone that has achieved success in any area of their lives has one thing in common. What is that one thing in common you might ask?


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Forex Trading Commitment

Yes, to be successful you must be committed to the cause of what you are wanting to achieve. I know that might not sound like news to you, but I think I need to address that to my audience here today. I choose to discuss this fundamental topic that covers not just trading but also everyday living. Most people that are successful at trading are successful in other areas of their life.

Why is it that 90% of people that buy gym memberships to improve their health and fitness never even show up to the gym, or maybe they show up one time and then never again. I spend time developing trading information and most people that purchase my products never even take the time to go through the material…..

It is frustrating for me as an educator to see people have a desire to achieve but then that desire falls to the wayside of a wasted dream, just like all the other dreams in their lives. Do you want to make an additional stream of income by Forex trading? Great! I hope you do but don’t just have a desire, but rather have a desire and make a commitment that you will do what it takes to make that commitment.

Everyone that gets married thinks that they are going to have the best marriage ever and never get a divorce. The same is true that every trader that starts trading believes they are going to end up Marriage is foreverbecoming a professional trader. While I wish that our intentions were a reality, the truth is for most of us we do not understand the level of commitment that is required before a person can achieve success at anything.

Nothing in this life is easy, I think I am going to repeat that and let it sink in a bit, NOTHING in this life is easy especially if it is worth doing. If it is going to bring wealth and influence in your life you can guarantee it won’t be easy.

One thing that is not easy is to continually live a life that is filled with disappointments day after day. I would rather work hard and be committed to achieve Forex trading success then do things half hearted with no commitment only to be broken hearted again and again by a string of successive failures.

Do not think that I am saying if you are committed to your trading and to your success, Then you will not fail, I am not saying that at all. I am saying that if you are committed you will continue to stay to the plan and keep analyzing and adjusting until you eventually achieve success. It doesn’t matter how long it takes but you will keep at it even if it takes the rest of your life.

Committed people do important things to help them stay committed to their endeavors Here is a list of some of the important things committed people do.

Committed people have a plan:

If you are committed to your trading write a trading plan and keep to it.

Committed people set goals:
Set trading goals and keep working until you achieve those goals.

Committed people evaluate themselves:
It can be a scary thing to look at your mistakes but don’t be afraid to evaluate your performance. If it is ugly then look at the truth and speak to it and say I am gonna fix that. When we fail to look at the truth in front of us we will believe a lie and then start to blame others for our own mistakes.

Here are some examples of what these excuses are: I have a bad system, The market is messed up right now, The broker messed things up. Never blame something else take ownership of your failures and work to improve them.

If you have ever found yourself using those excuses or any others please stop it now and get committed to your trading success.

Committed People Never Ever Quit:
Yea that right we don’t quit I say we because I am committed and I am including you with me in that camp.

In conclusion, it is up to you to be committed to have success in your trading. You must make the decision that you will not quit and choose to achieve Forex success. Please do that now.I Casey Stubbs and Winners Edge Trading are committed to teaching you, we have a goal and a plan and we are going to be here for the long haul and we hope you will too. Our commitment to you as traders and friends will carry over into a great success for all of us.

Please leave a comment in box below. Please share with us a thought or lesson in your life that may benefit everyone that reads it.

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  • Great Story, thanks for sharing.

  • Shar, I am glad you didnt give up, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks casey, I very agree that commitment is very important. When I started trade with 0 knowdledge last year I always lost..And my friend advised me to giving up trading. But I didn’t give up..and I learn as much as I can…and now I still learning from good traders. And now I can enjoy my good result.:).thanks Lord. So dont give up easily…Learning trading need at least 1-2 years to understand…And always trade in high timeframe 4H, daily, weekly. Be patient and confidence also is the key for it. And if you are still newbie..you have to try watching the chart moving every day at least 1 hour in the busy market time.Just that is my tip…”remember our target is the point not money” If your target is money so you will fear and risk..if your target is the point you can enjoy…and money will coming…:p…Thankyou casey

  • I am a professional horse trainer. I trained and showed sport horses since about 25 years. When I was a kid, I had a goal, I didn’t want to be just a horse trainer between the rest,I wanted to be great, win alot of shows, be one of the best in Europe. I choosed the harder way, and I can guarantee you, it wasn’t easy at all. Now reached most of my goals, and many will come soon. I know exactly what is commitment, and I truly recognize myself in every single word you say. Being committed means truly believe in yourself and what you are doing, no matter what, no matter if you are alone against the whole world.

    Since some years i discovered forex trading, and i feel the same circumstances. In this article you couldn’t explain it any better.

    Thank you very much for posting it!!!!

  • Thanks so much Tom.

  • tom gasket

    Hello Mr Stubbs,great wisdom in that article thank you Tom G

  • Jackie W. Cox

    You are truly welcome Brother Casey You truly are!!! I have been practicing my scalping techniqes lately. I made 8.9 pips yesterday evening with early this morning also. Thats $14.83 average profit per trade. Not too bad!!! I really enjoyed it except my last trade.It went against me and my technicals on the 1 hour, 15 min. and 5 min. Held up Perfect!!! the same ones I use for my trends Brother Casey!!! I traded 6 times with 6 wins!!! Semes like My Trend trading technique works really well with scalping also!!!! I’m truly bessed!!!! Thank You so much Brother Casey for all the help and support. I changed my MACD to 8 50 and 9. It works well with the original also!!! That is the standard settings. The last trade took about 2hrs and something like 38 minutes to get into profits again. it was definatel worth it. The technicals are awesome on a slow day!!!

  • thanks Jackie.

  • Thanks for the encouragement I do need it from time to time 🙂

  • sure come back again soon.

  • No worries 🙂

  • you are welcome

  • thanks Elan

  • you are welcome

  • Kevin, after 7 years and you are still at it, I commend you.

  • you are welcome

  • you are welcome thank you

  • Alright Farah, just keep going and you will get there. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Peter, Thanks for taking the time to visit.

  • Phil,

    It takes a great deal of discipline to make it through those tough times and that is exactly why we have a trading plan in the first place. To help us stay through the tough times.

  • Nik,

    thanks for sharing with us. I hope that by sharing you can over come.

    One thing I notice is your confidence is not good right now. I would stop and work with small trade size or demo account until you get your confidence back. IF you believe that you always are wrong than you will always be wrong.

    Write your trading plan find a strategy and keep at it. Also keep a positive outlook that you will be successful in your trading and you will be if you stick with it.

  • Thanks Will

  • you are welcome

  • George,
    Those are some good quotes.

  • Thank you Cindy, Great advice. 6% sounds pretty high, you must be accurate with your trades?

  • Thank you so much!

  • Tim,

    Excellent additions and I appreciate comments from a veteran trader such as yourself.

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Casey that was a well thought out artical. God bless You and all at Winners Edge Trading!!! You must have Patience and a trading system and stick to it on a daily basis not just sometimes. Winners Edge Trading has a really great strategy. I have learnd a great deal from them. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!!!!! May God Bless You Brother Casey and May He Improve your trading Performance even better!!!!

  • cazzie

    You sound a little down today Casey, don’t be. We all know you only want the best for all of us. You can’t change people, but you can help them to look at themselves perhaps from a different perspective and to consider all the variables one has to consider in trading. You offer so much within your site so trader’s can take advantage of them, you can do no more Casey, so relax.

    Some of us Traders may have lost the battle, but we haven’t lost the war.
    We’ll never quit.

  • harris

    well done casey, great and meaningfull thoughts

  • Waseem

    As Always very well put Casey , Thanks for all the input always

  • sultan

    Thanks you casey

  • Elan

    Thaks casey

    I agree 100 % with you. Commitment is the key word for success and it it not easy and needs sheer determination.

  • Ettore

    Thanks so much Casey for always being here helping us in any way you know.
    You are like a beam in the night.

  • kevin

    well said. I know this first hand, I have been involved in trading now for 7 years and still working to be successful. The lessons are very hard, very drawn out, failure is normal but each time i get a small piece to the puzzle right. Putting the puzzle together is another task but committment is the coffee to finish the puzzle. i think that is worth doing to get out of this corporate slavery we are in now

  • Pires

    ”Committed People Never Ever Quit” , for me this one is most critical , thanks alot Casey for this information as usual great article.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks, Casey, you are so right! Having discipline and commitment will not guarantee success in trading, but not having those qualities will guarantee failure. I will try to use your comments as an inspiration to avoid distractions so I can stay on the path to achieving my goals.

  • Thank you Casey…for sharing and coaching everyday to us..you are great.
    I never give up to be better..and always learned from my mistakes in trading.
    I love Forex…Thank you – sharon

  • Farah

    Thanks Casey and your sincerity in your coaching.
    Failing is part of life. The most important thing is to pick yourself up and start again. Never give up. Learn from the mistakes. One day you will get to where you want to be. It may take years. This is what I tell myself. I feel I’m almost there.

    If you do not have a mentor, it takes longer.

  • Peter

    Thanks Casey, Trading looks easy but so many pitfalls, its seems like we all have a trading plan but never look at it.

    One of the biggest things that I thing you need in trading is discipline and patience sounds so easy
    but one of the hardest things to do.

    Always good to read your articles

  • Phil

    Thanks Casey , Great article there are many times we think about giving up especially after a string of losses and we see ourselves repeating the same mistakes over and over
    There are times I’ve thought, I should buy every time I want to sell and sell every time I want to buy .
    But after a couple of days we remember our commitment and read our trading plan again Read articles like this and get back on the horse .
    One of the most encouraging things is knowing even the best traders have all been through the tough times to get where they are .

  • Nik

    Thanks Casey, have been following you for long time. One can feel & see your commitment.

    It is up to us to show ours.

    The difficult part is facing our mistakes – one seems to make the same ones over & over again. Maybe sharing them on such a forum may help.

    An example is the fear which makes me commit a move in the opposite direction when the trade is going against me. Tantamount to picking tops & bottoms – ALWAYS in the wrong direction – resulting in heavy losses.

    I must re-evaluate the contingency section of my trading plan…

  • Will

    It is great to have you guys at Winner’s Edge available for good insights into trading and what it takes to be successful. Thanks once again!

  • chandra

    thans casey

  • George

    Thanks Casey,

    I think the same way ,I’m not afraid to make mistakes ,knowing that it is the pass to learning from them.

    when the going gets tough- the tough get going. I’m in the Drivers seat ,to where I want to be or go, not a passenger. To me trading is just like Farming . it takes a season of proper preparation before you Harvest, you reap what you sow.

  • Cindy Speck

    To be a successful investor you must decide on your investing objectives, and then find a strategy that will work for you, and establish rules for limiting your losses that you will adhere to. Don’t leave it to chance or you will be lieft with chump change……a lesson I have had to learn first hand.

    I can’t stress enough the importance of a Stop Loss!!!!!

    It’s very simple. When you purchase, know exactly what your maximum potential loss will be! I have learned to limit my loss to no more than 6-8% in any given trade. I never took the time to do this in the past simply because I didn’t understand the importance, but now I place a stop loss immediately after I place a trade.

    My last advice would be to never think you know more than the markets because the markets are always right, and to never be greedy, and last…..to never stop learning!

  • AWERE Godspower

    Hi Casey, your are a great coach and a great writer
    ,I enjoy every bit of your articles.

  • Tim

    Well said, I would add disipline…….commitment to continually learn and disipline to follow your trading rules to a tee. I taught for a few years and saw those two attributes in very few “traders” if someone asks you why you entered that trade, you should be able to clearly and concisely tell them your justification in very few words…that only comes from a commitment to learn and a commitment to follow your rules