A Key To Forex Success: Commitment

By Casey Stubbs

Today’s trading article is going to be about life, life and trading have many things in common. Everyone that has achieved success in any area of their lives has one thing in common. What is that one thing in common you might ask?


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Forex Trading Commitment

Yes, to be successful you must be committed to the cause of what you are wanting to achieve. I know that might not sound like news to you, but I think I need to address that to my audience here today. I choose to discuss this fundamental topic that covers not just trading but also everyday living. Most people that are successful at trading are successful in other areas of their life.

Why is it that 90% of people that buy gym memberships to improve their health and fitness never even show up to the gym, or maybe they show up one time and then never again. I spend time developing trading information and most people that purchase my products never even take the time to go through the material…..

It is frustrating for me as an educator to see people have a desire to achieve but then that desire falls to the wayside of a wasted dream, just like all the other dreams in their lives. Do you want to make an additional stream of income by Forex trading? Great! I hope you do but don’t just have a desire, but rather have a desire and make a commitment that you will do what it takes to make that commitment.

Everyone that gets married thinks that they are going to have the best marriage ever and never get a divorce. The same is true that every trader that starts trading believes they are going to end up Marriage is foreverbecoming a professional trader. While I wish that our intentions were a reality, the truth is for most of us we do not understand the level of commitment that is required before a person can achieve success at anything.

Nothing in this life is easy, I think I am going to repeat that and let it sink in a bit, NOTHING in this life is easy especially if it is worth doing. If it is going to bring wealth and influence in your life you can guarantee it won’t be easy.

One thing that is not easy is to continually live a life that is filled with disappointments day after day. I would rather work hard and be committed to achieve Forex trading success then do things half hearted with no commitment only to be broken hearted again and again by a string of successive failures.

Do not think that I am saying if you are committed to your trading and to your success, Then you will not fail, I am not saying that at all. I am saying that if you are committed you will continue to stay to the plan and keep analyzing and adjusting until you eventually achieve success. It doesn’t matter how long it takes but you will keep at it even if it takes the rest of your life.

Committed people do important things to help them stay committed to their endeavors Here is a list of some of the important things committed people do.

Committed people have a plan:

If you are committed to your trading write a trading plan and keep to it.

Committed people set goals:
Set trading goals and keep working until you achieve those goals.

Committed people evaluate themselves:
It can be a scary thing to look at your mistakes but don’t be afraid to evaluate your performance. If it is ugly then look at the truth and speak to it and say I am gonna fix that. When we fail to look at the truth in front of us we will believe a lie and then start to blame others for our own mistakes.

Here are some examples of what these excuses are: I have a bad system, The market is messed up right now, The broker messed things up. Never blame something else take ownership of your failures and work to improve them.

If you have ever found yourself using those excuses or any others please stop it now and get committed to your trading success.

Committed People Never Ever Quit:
Yea that right we don’t quit I say we because I am committed and I am including you with me in that camp.

In conclusion, it is up to you to be committed to have success in your trading. You must make the decision that you will not quit and choose to achieve Forex success. Please do that now.I Casey Stubbs and Winners Edge Trading are committed to teaching you, we have a goal and a plan and we are going to be here for the long haul and we hope you will too. Our commitment to you as traders and friends will carry over into a great success for all of us.

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