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  • cool

  • you are welcome

  • You are welcome

  • stefan

    thanks for the analysis

  • Good analysis

  • I think the dow is the leader in this case.

  • bigapple

    regarding inverse relation ship dow/$ vs question for me is only – who leads

  • m sara

    very nice

  • I think a pull back would be a very smart trade.

  • Great Job Phil, Yes it would be nice.

  • Thanks for sharing Bruce, Finding patterns like that in the market can be a big benefit in trading.

  • Will B.

    With weakness in the USD and the bullish momentum on the USD/JPY pair, do you think a possible pull back in this pair would be a buyin opportunity? Thanks for the analysis!

  • Phil

    Thanks Casey , Yes impressive up moves on, Gbp , Eur, and Gold My Profit targets hit on all three last night . It would be nice to see some of these trades taken on the catapult ?

  • I have found Black Friday and Cyber Monday are typically solid up days for the Dow so I am expecting the US $ weak to continue until next week market open. Gold and Oil had nice run ups today as well which is not good for the USD. The double resistance levels you shown here could be enough to stall further upward surge and bring about at least a short term correction.