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Today we have some important setups forming. Watch the video below to catch the moves and be aware of them when they happen. If you would like to connect with us you can follow me on Twitter or you may also like our Facebook page.

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  • alex

    casey, did u already sent out the link to the tool u talked about ? because I have not received it. If u have already sent that what can u resend that link please.

  • phil m

    Hi Casey Appreciate all your analysis, Thank you for sharing your knowledge in preparing for a trade. I am getting more confident. Going live.

  • We will work to improve that area.


  • you are welcome

  • It is always better that you look first yourself than look to get confirmation and other perspectives later.

  • Thanks and EurUsd is a great pair to trade.

  • you are welcome

  • John, that is another tool ๐Ÿ™‚ We always get the edge in every thing. I have a big bag of tools ๐Ÿ™‚

  • you are welcome

  • The indicator shows which pair on the daily time frame moves the most. during the previous day. It is great for finding when the trend changes direction. It does not predict future price movement.

  • Thanks

  • Geoff

    Casey, great analysis but please, please tell us which pair you are talking about at the start of each new chart. The symbol in the top left is difficult to read. Looking forward to welcoming Nathan back and hope he had a great Honey Moon.



  • Grey

    Hi Casey thanks for sharing your views on the markets although im always looking myself its always good to see things from different perspectives nice work. .
    All the best Grey

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Sorry Brother Casey I think I forgot to tell everyone and You that I traded the EUR/USD. Thank You so much for your time. AS Always God Bless Everyone at Winners Edge Trading!!!

  • Nizar


  • John

    Thanks for the awesome tool, Case. ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh and the analysis :p

  • Nice2MU

    Thanks for your time and efforts Casy.

  • Diana

    I have a question on the forex power indicator. I was studying it yesterday and wanted to learn how I can take advantage of it. I saw that USDCAD was a strong buy on Day however USDCAD yesterday only moved around 30pips less than the usual movement. Please explain why the indicator show USDCAD as a strong buy even when the daily movement was so weak?Thanks

  • I really enjoyed your view of the market Casey, good luck