Forex Daily Analysis October 23

Traders it is good to see you again ๐Ÿ™‚ In todays Analysis I highlight some potential trade setups and share with you some of my current positions that I have open. I also answered several questions from yesterdays video. Please leave your questions and I will get to them in the comments or in the video.

Today I am going to ask you to follow me on Twitter by clicking this link. Twitter is a social media platform that I use where when I see something in the market I will post it on my twitter account and you can get what I am seeing instantly. If you have never used twitter before I did a tutorial on how to use twitter.

In other news Winners Edge Trading Published a fundamental article discussing Quantitative Easing which I think you will want to check out.

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  • You of course are right, It is good to enter at the precise time of the signal. Thanks for leaving the comment.

  • forexft

    Great analysis I really enjoyed.
    For the gbpusd isn’t there a risk that you miss out if you wait for the price to close above resistance. Wouldn’t be more agressive to enter right know after the pinbar? you have 2 signal. Resistance + pinbar.

  • NagLaci

    Please display on the screen what pair you are talking about! It is very confusing. Thanks!

  • Ben I think it is a good system. We highly recommend it.

  • You are welcome Matt, We do work hard here ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you can work hard and become a great trader!

  • I will include something soon, Thanks for asking about it you are the second person to ask.

  • Dr.Ketan Jinwala

    thanks Casey, Good work. Just I want to know more about Elliott wave trading & Divergence trading. Plz. include it coming up analysis.

  • you are welecome

  • Greg

    Thanks so much for all the insight…

  • ben

    Thanks Casey, very helpful.I wondered if you guys are still promoting Bill Poulos Profit Forecaster.He has released it again and I was thinking of buying it if you think it is worthwhile.Thanks

  • matt

    Casey, thank you for the analysis, it was excellent. The aud/usd is looking very good right now as a long as you mentioned. Thank you for your hard work!

  • Jackie, The trade I talked about in the video as a long has been looking pretty good and there already has been a few pips made on that trade so i hope maybe you or some others were able to get in on it.

  • John, I will keep putting out the entries as long as I am doing the analysis. Nathan will be coming back in a week but I will try to load up the value while I am here.

  • Ok I wont apologize I know how important peoples time is I want to make sure I keep them to the point. I am glad you are learning I will keep trying to put out good training.

  • Hermanus, Thanks for your reply I appreciate that you took the time to write a reply.

  • You are Welcome Van, I am glad it has helped.

  • Glenn, Glad to see you here ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for that article about Mitts Resume I liked it alot. Just so you know I will be voting for Mitt Romney for President.

    I am using ILQ which has awesome spreads I got the account from Arrowfield trading. There is a link in the broker section. I do pay a small commission.

  • Thanks Will, I am glad it was helpful I will try to keep showing trades as they come up.

  • Jackie W. Cox

    Hey there Casey!!! Great analysis for today!!! I will definately be looking for some trading on the Aud/Usd tonight!!! Very informative with really great information and tips. My friend is 13years old and really enjoyed it. He is now definately interested in making a living with Forex now. I will be teaching him what I know and he really loved Your daily analysis. Thank You so much!!! YOU and all of You at Winners Edge Trading are truly truly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will B.

    Demonstrating actual trading action was very helpful to me. Thanks Casey!

  • GlennM

    Hey Casey. This was a really nice analysis. By the way, I noticed that your spread indicator shows pretty low spreads. Are you using FXCM’s Active Trader, spread plus commission? Please keep up the nice work!

  • Van Le

    I have already learned alot from you .Thank you for your hard work

  • Hermanus

    Very good, very instructive comments and analysis of the charts.

  • John


    No need to apologise. I enjoyed the analysis and thanks for showing us one of your entry techniques.

  • Cazzie

    Nathan, please don’t apologize for showing us some tips about trading, as a matter of fact I like this kind of up-date because it helps me learn about market behavior. I have already learned about checking the weekly charts, and have incorporated this into my trading plan.