Having Trouble With Forex Discipline, Try Accountability

Forex Discipline

You too can be a solid trader

Do you have Forex discipline to follow your rules and practice proper money management in Forex trading? No? Why not, when you know that following ALL the rules is critical to success in your trading. I think I can answer that one for you, we human beings are weak and have trouble being strong, that is why we can’t stop smoking and always fall off that diet. Does that make us a bad person that will never have success? No, it just means that we must work extra hard to make sure that we succeed.

It is time to look deep inside and ask yourself the eternal question, why have I been failing? Ok, I fess up for me It was not my strategy or my plan but it was always my discipline I could never follow the rules. I wanted to follow the rules but I couldn’t, I was weak. So what is a weak trader like me to do, quit? No, how about find a trading partner who will go over your trades to make sure you follow all the rules to your trading plan. You will submit your trades to each other each week and that way you will get the feedback you need to gain that strength to succeed.

This trading partner must be one that cares enough about you to hold your feet to the fire when it comes to you following your plan. Someone that will look you in the eye or in the email as the case may be and say. “Dude why did you take these trades, you didn’t follow your plan?” That is when you look back at them with your mouth open, having no excuse except your weakness. If you have to experience that enough times, it can change your bad habits real quick. That is a real friend one that will keep you honest and that my friend will keep you successful and is willing to not be the most popular person when he or she is willing to uncover your faults.

So if you are weak like I was, do whatever it takes to get yourself to follow the rules and trade successfully. I believe that Forex discipline is the key to success in trading, but actually doing it is easier said than done. Not everyone is so weak but for those of us who are let me give you a word of encouragement, YOU CAN DO IT !!! But be smart and if you struggle put yourself in position to be strong and find that faithful trading friend that will help you with your Forex discipline until you can it on your own.

Please share your own experiences with your own faults, failures, strengths and victories. If you need a Forex accountability partner post some comments and maybe we can get some match ups here.

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