Forex For Beginners: by Adam Kritzer Book Review

This article is going to take a look at Forex for Beginners, a new book by Adam Kritzer. This book is exactly as the title suggests a complete guide to Forex trading for beginners. I recommend this book because Adam does a great job making the difficult concepts of the Foreign exchange market and makes them easy to understand.

Here is a list of of what you will learn:

  • You will understand what the Foreign Currency Exchange Market is and how it works
  • Learn the mechanics of how the rates move and also the economic truths that they operate under
  • How to open and fund a Forex trading account and operate a trading platform
  • Learn how to trade by learning the basics and how to write a trading plan
  • Customize your trading experience to fit your circumstances
  • Learn how to limit risk and therefore increase your chance for success
  • Be a profitable trader and also enjoy yourself while doing it.
  • How to use fundamental analysis in your trading approach

Why Buy This Book

Forex for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide to Profiting from the Global Currency Markets is a great book if you want to become a better trader or if you want to understand the currency markets better for any reason. Even if you are traveling abroad and want to have the upper hand while on travels this book is excellent at teaching the basics in an easy way that anyone can understand. In conclusion I highly recommend this book for anyone that is trying to learn about Forex.

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