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This is an encouragement post to the readers of Winners Edge Trading. Please share this message with your friends that trade by sharing on twitter and facebook and even forwarding via email. I get messages every day about traders trying to make it in trading and searching for successful forex trader stories. I started this blog to help myself improve my trading and it has done that and much more. This blog has helped me in becoming a better trader and also has helped many others.

I am going to start out by saying YES! You can be a profitable trader. You have what it takes and you can make enough money to make a living by trading. If you don’t believe that then maybe you should stop reading right now. However, since you are here I feel like in your heart you have some hope that you can accomplish your dreams of becoming a trader. I am a dreamer and I always go after my dreams and I encourage you to do the same.

As a matter of fact, all success starts with a thought and a dream but is only achieved by those that go after it, with all of their hearts. That takes the risk, a risk of failure and a risk of being laughed at and rejected by friends and those that you love. The reason people put down those with dreams is that they were afraid to take the risk to go after their dream so they put down others. Perhaps they tried to live their dream and they ran into obstacles and gave up along the way. Everyone has a dream in their heart but only a few have the courage to live it, can you relate to me here?

Now back to trading….

Sorry for the side trail but I get heart broken when I run into different types of traders, that have fallen along the way that one time had a dream but now they are angry and resentful. Some even deny reality and say that it is impossible to make it in trading. I am here to encourage you and say yes you can do it!

Here are a few positive words of encouragement that will help you along in your journey in becoming a better trader.

  1. Have a Heart and Passion for living your Dream!

Trading is not easy or for the faint of heart, you will experience pain along the way. That pain will teach you if you let it. Embrace the pain of failure and learn from it. Many heartless traders experience the pain and they run from it or quit. If you have a heart you will not quit but you will keep going. If you don’t have a heart that is willing to take a risk or if you are being pushed back by fear. Then stir yourself up by verbally declaring your dream and also writing it down on paper and how you are going to achieve it.


  1. Have a written plan and follow it.

If you follow step one then you will be passionate about your trading and that passion will cause you to do what is necessary to achieve your goals. First, you need to have a plan and most traders I talk to do not even do the first step. If that is you, then stop right now and write a trading plan, don’t even finish this article! Do not take another trade until the plan is finished and you have a trading friend check it out. The next part of tip 2 is to follow your plan to fullness. What good is a trading plan if you do not follow it? The reason following a plan is so important is because it helps you to identify the areas where you need to work, the areas of your strategy that need to be tweaked. Time to be brutally honest with yourself, how will you learn if you do not know what is the problem. Following your plan will help you to determine what is wrong and how to fix it.


  1. Never give Up.

You will feel like giving up along the way. Learning to be a successful trader is a hard journey, at least it was for me I think every person is different. Learning the techniques and strategies is the easy part but being a student of trading and learning the discipline of trading is what takes the time to master. It was hard for me because I refused to follow my plan and stick with what I knew to be true. Knowing the right thing and doing the right thing are two different things.

In summary, I hope this article has been a source of some forex inspiration to you. My goal in writing this is to encourage you to go for it and to never give up. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme because it is just like everything else in life, you have to want it and work for it to achieve forex success. Please share your thoughts about this article. If you want to help a struggling trader share this article via twitter or facebook or email.



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