Forex Market Moves of Epic Magnitudes

I have made some bold Forex predictions in this forex trading video and much of the reason I have made these predictions is because of what Tony wrote about when he wrote the article saying that taxing the rich is unconstitutional. I agree with Tony and I think that is going to move the markets in ways that we have not seen for a while. Watch the video for more details. These upcoming moves can be dangerous but also a very good thing for traders if we know how to capture the moves.

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  • Yes there is an inverse relation with the Usd and Equities. These correlations can continue for some time however when some key fundamental differences change the way the markets move the correlations can end. They dont last forever.

  • Geoffrey, We do look at gold and silver but not every day. I think that we could very easily see new highs for both Gold and Silver.

  • George, at this point I don’t think that they will be able to come up with a solution and the reason is that in order to make a long term solution there must be a willing to make some decisions that will cause a short term pain for a long term blessing and I don’t think any of our politicians are willing to do that, republican or democrat.

  • George,

    Thanks for the comment, I am glad you found value in this presentation.

  • Shaikh

    Hello Casey.
    First you show the big Picture of the market then you focus right down to nitty gritty.
    This is the best guide line to Traders.I like your presentation. Thanking you.

  • GeoffreySalvage

    Hi Casey,

    I like your style. Do you also show GOLD & SILVER too? They are both going through a Cup and Handle pattern now on their Daily charts.. The Handles are almost complete and by December/January I forecast GOLD & SILVER to climb high…above 1800 for GOLD and above 3542 for SILVER.

    Cheers, Geoff (London)

  • S.S.Subramaniam

    Obama is trying to resolve the USD Cliff problem by negotiating with the Republicans.Will this succeed? Your opinion please.

  • Would it be possible to get an analysis on the EUR/AUD pair

  • George

    Hi Guys, do think there is a strong inverse correlation between USD and US equity market? In 2008 seems that when equities dropped USD gained. With the recent drop in US equities – USD seems to be fairly stable. If US equities continue to fall – I would expect USD to gain and EUR to fall.

  • Have a Great Weekend Everybody.