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Taking a Look at some Weekly Charts today to see how the Pairs are shaping up on the Long Term

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  • NathanTucci

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate the support and the consistent wise replies to my videos. It is really good to know that the analysis is useful and able to be a part of people’s trading, and I really do appreciate the willingness on your end to take the time and contribute regularly. It is because of people like you that we do the analysis and everything else!

  • Geoff

    I wouyld be interested in the live trading room but would like to pay on monthly basis

  • Paul

    Thank you for the analysis, as always Nathan

    You said that some of your comments (good level that could go long from here, or of course it could smash through and go short) weren’t the most revolutionary trading advice ever. I think including statements like that regularly in your analysis is really, really powerful:
    1. as a ‘pro’ trader, you don’t pretend to ‘know’ which way the market is going to move next
    2. it is good (and useful) to have a bias, but that is all it is, its not a certainty
    3. trading is about managing risk. If your analysis provides you with a bias and then price action or momentum, or what ever you like to use as ‘your edge’ / ‘trading strategy’ / ‘system’ does something to confirm your bias and provide you with an entry opportunity, you measure the risk and potential reward and enter the trade.

    Therefore, if you have a ‘dual’ bias, a strong confirmation in either direction will trigger you into the trade, for a measured and considered risk. That is your job as a technical analyst trader done. You enter the trade, manage the risk and get the result (it doesn’t matter what that result is, since you followed your system which you know will deliver a net winning result over a significant number of trades.)

    Any one trade result is irreverent, but you must trade your system. If you try to ‘second guess’ your system, you will never achieve its long term potential

    Catch you in Mondays review & thanks again

  • ed

    Trading room with a monthly subsciption for guys who cannot take on your mentoring program
    will be a great forum

  • Darius

    Enjoy your analysis every day. Good job.

    A live trading room would be great, but maybe with a one or two days trial first. Just to get a view on it. Would appreciate this.

    Thanks and a nice weekend


  • Brett


  • i cannot afford you monitoring programme but definitely consider trading room. Good job

  • R Smith

    Would absolutely love to observe your live trades as I cannot afford the montoring program right now. Thnx