Forex Pair of the Week is Eur/Aud

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Welcome forex traders, I have done a video because the overwhelming majority said they prefer videos to article format. I will probably eventually put it in both article and video format, so that those people that like videos will get them and those that like articles will get those.  The weekly analysis is in the video below the article.

Questions for You:
The pair in the video is the Eur/Aud but before I get to that I want to ask some questions:

  • What pairs would you like us to cover on this blog?
  • What is your greatest challenges in trading?
  • Have you been able to have long term success in your trading for over a period of a year or more?
  • What types of articles would you like, Educational, Technical analysis, fundamental Analysis? All of the above?

This blog is for successful traders and traders that are attempting to become successful. We need your feedback to make this blog great please participate in the comments section.

Speaking of Education here is a great article about mental strength that is critical to becoming a great trader. I love analysis but there is nothing like old fashion trading. So here is a live trade that Nathan Tucci Published on my blog this week.  At Winners Edge Trading we encourage participation so please join the discussion about maximizing profits on this article.

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