Forex Range Trading Video Tutorial

Hello Traders and friends I have another video tutorial for you today. Todays video is about range trading and how to identify support and resistance in your range. Finding and trading ranges is a trading skill that all traders should work on developing because the market is often ranging.

These have been very popular, I want to do what you guys like. Please leave some comments and suggestions for future videos. Also please follow me on Twitter and retweet this post if it is of any value to you and you feel like it would help others. There is a great analysis written by Mani at this link.

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  • Sometimes it can be below the close and not the low. If that is what you mean.



  • Just4anything

    Casey, that is not the close below the low of the bearish candle as you explained. I thought the close should be close of the 2nd bearish candle.

    Kindly advise

  • You are welcome thanks for you encouraging comment. I hope that I can produce more helpful material in the future.



  • Thanks you I will try to continue to add more content. Thanks

  • Eyasu

    Hi Casey! As usual I appriciate the short pricise and to the point type of explaining things of yours. Thank you, God bless


  • G4set

    Simple and very informative I thank you for all the valuble information you are a great help to me Keep up the good work

  • Thanks JR I appreciate the feedback


  • My personal favorite time frame is the 4hr charts because I believe they give the least amount of false signals.

  • Thank you so much. That is an encouragement to me. I believe that our free material is all a trader needs to become successful. Plus all you have to do is leave a comment to get help. We never turn anyone away 🙂


  • The video is right in the post you might want to check your browser?

  • JR

    Thanks Casey,
    Simple explanation, easy to follow and understand.

  • Michael

    Thanks for a simple explanation on Range Trading. Is the four hour time frame the best time frame to use for this type of trading? Thank-you

  • Sumaru55

    I thank you again and again for your effort to educate not only your members but all who visit your web to improve himself in forex trade. In fact its more than paid so call courses.

  • Slim

    the link to the video is nowhere to be found