Forex Scalping Techniques

Hello Traders I wanted to follow up yesterdays Fibonacci Forex Trading video with another video that I have been getting a lot of questions about. Today’s video topic is Forex Scalping Techniques. This short video explains briefly how to find entries when attempting to scalp the Forex Market. For all Trading Updates please follow me on Twitter.

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  • Larry

    Hi Casey, I need help on how to start my trading career. I came across your free forex journal but the page is not found. I need help. could you please send it to my email ( [email protected]) …please. Thank you so much. I also viewed the story of the two traders, it’s really motivational. thanks for your videos.

  • Larry

    Hi Casey, I’m a newbie forex trader. thanks that i came across your website. This is a great help for me to start.

  • Nizar

    Thanks Casey,
    That was educational for me …

  • John,

    That sounds great I would love to hear more!

    Thanks for sharing,


  • John Archer

    Hi Casey,
    I Use the simular way, but I use the srockholic to see my entry as soon as the blue line croseed the red line and the RSI is in a upworths movement. I usually make 3 to 10 trades everyday that is 98% sucessfull. Hope that my information will help you and the others with scalping, I also just use the 5 min charts.
    John Archer

  • You are welcome. Ok your wish is my command I will post some more videos and I will talk about Multiple Time Frames.

  • Jdleal2007

    This is great Casey, highly edcuated video!!!!! Thank you for this valuable trading lesson. Please give us more lessons like this and if possible on multiple time frame analysis.


  • You are welcome have a great weekend yourself

  • Young Essy

    That was a good one i enjoyed the video so much now i know the potentials to scalp
    Thanks so much for that one. Happy weekend

  • Thanks Glenn, that means alot coming from you a long time reader.

  • Glennmorrison55

    Well done Casey. This video was presented very clearly and professionally. Thanks for all of your input and help!

  • Thanks for the feedback because people like it I think I will post more of them.

  • The moving averages is the 20 period simple moving average and the 40 period moving average as well as the 200 period moving average.

    Thanks for commenting

  • No this is just the way I like to do it because I like to go with the trend rather then against it. But they both work.

  • You are welcome thanks for watching.

  • Eyasu

    Hi Casey, I love this short videos u releas. It is more educational than 100s of papers.

  • Robvb09

    I like this. what is the moving average paremeters on the 5m chart?

  • Austraderking

    Thanks Casey. It’s good to go over this again. I noticed a lot of RH scalps start at the top of a run, the pull back and then scalp on the way up/down. Is this different from this idea of your? I’m thinking both are valid.

  • Amlcarder

    Thanks Casey, this is very helpful and it will put pips in my pocket!