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  • Benturk

    Yes. I am reading the book ” Trade Stocks and Commodities With the Insiders – Secrets of the COT Report ” by Larry Willams. I was looking for a COT Indicator. I seen subscription based indicators but not a stand alone indicator.  I am guessing it is going to be a “labor heavy Indicator” meaning someone is going to enter the data  to the indicator so the indicator shows the results. But  COT data only come out once every friday and technically, we have until late Sunday to enter the data assuming we have data available for the previous weeks.  May be the most standard 6  Pairs might be the way to start. I could attempt to write a lua  based indicator for Trade Station (sorry Meta Trade Fans – I know Meta Trade is by far more powerful) since the indicator will get its data from an external servers , but my lua is not as sharp as it should be.  Coorection the indicator will be for the Marketscope charting section of the Trade Station. I am going to check the code-base if I can get some help.  If any one suggestions post them here.

  • Stein

    I hope this is something similar to the COT report. You seem to start out some good products and angles , but it stops just as fast as it starts. I asked Mani and yourself why this COT report did not continue, and I was assured you should start up again….?  But I did never find it. It may slip my by my eyes. Please consider this report and I will continue a loyal subscriber. Totdat I use some other products for this, but I liked the COT index w/ some more timeframes.