Forex Strategy Training

By Casey Stubbs

Having the right forex strategy is a big part in being a successful trader today I am going to share a strategy that works well and is easy to execute. I have had some recent information about money management so I felt that it was time to switch gears and talk about strategy. I had a conversation with a trader that used this strategy to increase his account by over 450% last year so you will want to pay attention to this one.

Here are the rules:

Risk 1% of total account value on all trades

Identify the trend on 4 hr Chart and trade within the trend.

1 to 3 Risk Reward Ratio. Let my winners run and cut losers short.

Use a 3 EMA and a 30 EMA 25 EMA. When the 3 EMA
crosses above or below the 30 that is when you enter. Wait until the candle closes.

Open 3 lots with a stop just above the high on the the candle you enter on. Adjust stops as
the trade moves in your favor.

Use MACD with 12,26,9 settings the purpose of the MACD is to exit trades.
When the lines on the MACD Cross after you enter that is when you exit 2 lots two take profit.
Keep the 3rd lot open to let the profits go on more.

Here is a chart that shows an example:

Here is a video that I share the forex strategy.

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