Forex Technical Analysis for November 8th 2012

The Market was pretty slow today, but we do have some potential set-ups coming soon…

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  • geoff

    Grerat analysis but I didn’t receive your Nov 9 weekend blog.

  • forexft

    Nathan, I really like how you keep it simple and clean. Things get really clearer and I feel much more confident in my trading watching your analysis.

  • Phil

    Nice chart Gareth , I’ve been trying to figure out how to draw the patterns in mt4 ?

  • Phil

    Thanks Nathan , We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on these pairs . I have been short on the Gbp/Jpy profit targets hit last night and trailing stops now if the downtrend continues. Long on Eur/Gbp.

  • Kristian, Thanks so much for the compliments.

  • That is cool Gareth, I was looking at that as well. I am gonna wait for some type of bullish confirmation but thanks for posting that chart, that is a big help to us and to all of our readers. Dont forget to share this post on social media because that gets it out to other traders as well.

    Thank you.

  • Kristian

    concise commentary, good speaker, great audio; Thanks

  • Gareth Roberts

    Hey Nathan, the eur/gbp has completed a bullish cypher pattern at the 78.6 of the x-a leg, right at 0.7959 on the 4 hour chart. Not saying this is going to pan out, but this pattern does have a high win rate.

  • Chris

    Hi Nathan,

    Is there a full screen option for the video? At the moment it is difficult to see the numbers on the charts unless you have one of those huge monitors. I am using a 15.4″ laptop.