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Winners Edge Trading was founded in 2009 and is working to create the most current and useful Forex information and training available on the internet.

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  • Dustin Rogers

    Thank you guys!
    looks great, only kink i see is the pair tabs are 80% blocked by the chart, I can still click and open them, so no big deal.
    Once again, thank you guys for all you do, I am much more confident in my technical analysis since I started following Winners Edge, and love the fact I can now use this great tool to help confirm potential setups.

  • NathanTucci

    HI Randy, that seems rather odd… Have you checked in since then? When I am on the tool, I see notes on all of them…

  • NathanTucci

    Hi. no, you should only need to refer a friend once, For some reason the tool is not recognizing previous visitors, so we are working on getting that fixed now. Our apologies for the inconvenience, I guess kinks always need to be worked out with new projects like this…

  • NathanTucci

    Hi John, we are still working out kinks and in the beginning stages of the tool, but we want to update it a minimum of once per day.

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Rob, we are still working on some kinks with the trade finder, so I would suggest that you try it again and let us know if the problem remains, and then we will look at that specifically. Sorry for the pain!