Forex Traders: I Want to Call you Up

Forex Traders

Forex Traders please respond

Recently we have been asking Forex traders to look at some important elements in their trading that will help them become profitable traders.  In the last week we have looked at Forex  trading systems, Forex trade size, and also taking profit early in your trades. The reason we have been focusing in these topics is because that we have noticed that execution of the forex trading plan is what is causing traders to fail in trading. The purpose of this article is to call up forex traders and ask them to make a commitment to be more diligent and disciplined in following thier trading plans. I know for me it has helped tremendously when someone will shine some light on my areas of weakness to enable me to overcome in areas of my life.  So that is what we are going to do today, shed some light on Forex Traders weaknesses.

Forex Traders Challenge:

I require three things for from you they are listed in bullet format below:

  • I am asking for everyone that reads this post to make a commitment to yourself and to your trading.
  • I am asking that each trader that reads this post writes a complete trading plan- if they want they can share  that plan here in the comments below.
  • I am asking that each trader make a declaration in the comments that they desire to become better traders and that they will have a trading plan and will follow that plan.

On the Path to becoming a profitable trader:

Now that you are serious about becoming a trader you will start to see the impact that has on your trading.  Also following your trading plan will help you to see whether or not your strategy that you setup actually works or not. I will be posting my trading plan on the blog in a couple of days which should help you come up with a guide in your own trading plan if you do not have one yet. I have also posted a trading plan in the past.

If you take a step and take action you will find great improvement in your trading.

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